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Friday, April 2, 2010

Where you can find Inspirations

I have had a lot of questions on where to find Inspirations so I thought I would post a small note on where to find them.  Currently Susanas Custom Art and Card Design and any stores that carry Great Impressions Rubber Stamps.  You can go to Great Impressions Rubber Stamps and there is a store locate by state.  If the store doesn't have them, ask and they can always order them from Great Impressions at any time.  GI is a distributor so I do not have a listing of which stores currently buy the paints from them.  And if you are just looking for the paints and nothing else you can stop at the Creative Inspirations website and order them.

I am actively working on getting the paints into more stores.  I will have a store listing for the website and blog posted soon.

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