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Monday, June 28, 2010

vinyl is not just for walls...

Hello everyone! Ready for a little Monday inspiration?

Today's technique is all about vinyl stencils. These are so fun and easy to make! I used my Cricut machine, and the "Graphically Speaking" cartridge for today's tutorial.

Step 1: cut out your chosen image following the guidelines for your machine. *you can also use punches, or free hand a design*

Step 2: remove the "positive" part of the image. This is the part of the image that you would usually use when you die cut. (we are making a stencil, if that is an easier way to think about it, so you remove what you want to paint.)
Step 3: I use transfer tape to move my stencil from the backing to my project. If you aren't familiar with this, it is a wonderful tool! Simply smooth the sticky part of the tape over the top of your vinyl image. Carefully remove from backing. All the loose parts of your image will remain perfectly aligned.
Step 4: Firmly press your vinyl onto the project you are working on. Carefully remove the transfer tape. Again, press your image firmly onto your project. *any edges that are not firmly stuck down, will allow paint to seep through.*
Step 5: Paint with your choice of Creative Inspirations paint. Here I used Antique Gold.
Step 6: This step is optional! Leaving the mask in place, I used a Prima stamp to stamp over the image with memento ink. This just adds a interest.
Step 7: Carefully remove your vinyl mask.

You can also use the positive image of your mask if you want. Simply follow the same steps.
Don't forget to paint past the edges of your stencil to give definition to your shape.
For this sample, I used distress ink, and stamping on the paper before placing my stencil... I love how you can see the image through the CI paint!
For this project, I used:
Paper: water color paper, plain white paper, vinyl
Creative Inspirations Paint: Antique Gold, Rustic Red, Tutu Pink
Cricut: Graphically Speaking, Gypsy Wanderin
Stamps: Prima
Ink: Memento, American Crafts

No need to feel intimidated by the word "paint". Anyone can paint with a stencil!!! =)

have a sparkling week!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

more beach inspired shimmer for y'all!

happy thursday!

ahhh the weekend is coming!! for me this weekend is extra exciting because i will be spending the day at the Great American Scrapbooking Expo!

for now we have some incredible projects for ya from team b using my color challenge (and even one from me too hee heee!) as always you can click on the person's name to go to their blog and get details on their project!




and finally i am sad to say this will be my last post for CI as i am stepping down. i have loved every minute of it and have been working with molly for some time now. i will OF COURSE continue to use these paints - how could i not! but you will still be getting wondorous shimmering projects from the team so stay tuned!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

who can resist?

Hello everyone in blogger land! Who's ready for some Monday inspiration?

Before we dive into today's technique, I want to remind all of you of our blog truffle going on right now. Don't forget to enter for a chance to win 5 jars of Creative Inspirations paint!!!

Ok, now let's on with the show! (hehehe!)
Today I wanted to focus on a fun technique called resist. Many of you have probably seen this (if not done it yourself) with ink... However, did you know that you can use heat embossing as a resist for the CI paint? You can! I'll walk you through it... I promise it's not too hard.

*I am working on watercolor paper for this technique... It would probably work on regular cardstock, but because of the amount of water I am using, I like to work with the watercolor paper. I also wiped my paper with an anti-static pouch called an "Embossing Buddy". This just helps keep stray powder from sticking. *
Step 1: Ink up your chosen stamp with an embossing ink such as VersaMark
Step 2: Stamp. Yep, stamp just like normal... Because this ink is clear, you will only faintly see it on your paper. In the right light, it will look kind of shimmery
Step 3: Pour on the embossing powder.... don't need to be skimpy... any extra will be reusable! *I am using white for a nice contrast, but any color would work* I like to do this step over a scrap piece of paper that has been creased down the center... this makes it easy to return all extras to the jar.
Step 4: Tap off all extra embossing powder. You can even give it a nice flick or two. This is where the scrap paper comes in handy... just pour all the powder back into your jar. If You didn't use an anti-static pouch or cloth, you may need to take a small paint brush and get rid of any stray powder here.
Step 5: Using a heat gun, melt the embossing powder. It will become shiny when it is done. Don't over heat!
Step 6: I wanted to make this a lighter wash, so I placed some CI paint on a piece of acrylic (a craft sheet, freezer paper or a plastic paint tray would also work for this)
Step 7: Spray your puddle of paint with a mister. I like to use a mister simply because it is easier for me to control how much water gets sprayed on.
Step 8: Mix the water into the paint. This will thin the paint, but the paint will remain colorful and sparkly. (how thin it gets is dependent on how much water you add)

Step 9: Brush on your thinned out paint. (sorry, I didn't get a good photo of this step.... but I just used the paint brush and brushed paint over the entire paper)
Step 10: Let dry.... or if you are impatient like me... zap with a heat gun. :)
Step 11: Using a damp cloth or q-tip, wipe the paint of the embossed areas.

On my project, I went back and added a little pink right around the embossed area for a little highlight. To add other colors, simply repeat steps 6-10 until all colors are added, then go on to step 11.

For this sample project, I used:
Paper: DCWV, watercolor paper
CI paint: Antique Silver, Tutu Pink
Ink: VersaMark
Stamp: Sassafras "Freshly Picked"
Other: White ribbon painted with CI paint
Just look at that shimmery background for that embossed image!
So, grab some embossing powder and your favorite CI paint and give this technique a try!!!

Have fun painting!

Friday, June 18, 2010

truffles anyone?

Hello all my friends! It's Kassi, here with exciting news!!!!
Blog Truffles!
Yup, Molly told me she wants to give one lucky winner 5 jars of Creative Inspirations Paint (in the colors of their choice)!!!
So, how can you win? Well.... Nope, I'm gonna post some inspiration before I tell you. hehehe :)
Today I have some fabulous ideas for taking your flowers from drab to fab! *and you don't even need to have a green thumb.... good thing too, at least for me...*
Adding color and shimmer to your paper and silk flowers is so easy with CI paint!

Let's start out simple... cover your entire flower with the paint of your choice (make sure to shake the jar first for luck... I mean to mix in the sparkles).
Here I have painted a paper flower with Amethyst. Just look at that great color and shine!
quick tip: don't mist your flower before painting... I know I tell you to mist a lot of things first, but not this time. You will loose the texture and depth of the flower if you get it too wet.

Now that you have the basics down, let's shake things up a bit...
Try just brushing the edges of your petals for a soft subtle look... Or, for a bolder look, Start your brush in the center and stroke outwards towards the ends of the petals letting the paint fade... *this one may take a little practice to get the feel for how much paint to use for a nice fade...*

Want to add more depth? Give this one a go...

Lightly rub a dye ink pad over the raised portions of your flower and around the edges.
quick tip: it is important you use a dye based ink for this because of the way it reacts to water.
Now, paint over your flower. The water based paints react with the dye ink.. Some of the dye will mix with the paint giving you a new color, and it will soften and feather the inked areas. Here I used Fairy Dust CI paint to get a nice tone-on-tone look when it blends with the ink.*I forgot to take a close up of this before using the flower... duh! But, a close up is coming!*

This time, instead of inking with an ink pad, I used a finger dauber to highlight the raised areas with a bold sparkly color... Buttercup
Here is a closer look at the last two techniques...

Are these paints only good at altering white flowers? Of course not!!!
Here is a look at several different paints used on the same color of flower to give you an idea of how they alter the look....
In the top row, the middle one is what they all started out looking like. On the left, I used Tutu Pink. On the right, Tanzanite.
On the bottom row... the one on the left is Autumn Wheat, the one on the right is Fairy Dust

Here is something I love to make with these flowers for my niece... ok, I wear them too... hey, they're cute!

Hair clips
Simply paint your flowers then embellish. Finish it off by hot gluing to an alligator clip.
Ok, now, for what you have all been waiting for... How can you win 5 jars of this fabulous paint?

Step 1, become a follower of this blog (if you are already a follower, great!)
Step 2, leave me a comment telling me what your favorite CI paint color is. (if you don't know what colors there are, click here to find out!)

It's that easy! You have until Noon (MST) Monday, July 5 to enter. I'll be back later on Monday with the randomly chosen winner.
Have a sparkly weekend!

I think it is time for another paint give away!!!

What do you think???  Stay tuned for the details!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

shimmery beach dreamin'

hi everyone!

late as usual :P i gave the DT girls a color challenge this time around. i asked them to use beach-y colors - *blues*yellows*sand* and as usual the girls for team A did an outstanding job! click on the name to go to their blog and get more details!


we will be back with more beach dreamin' next week from team b!

Monday, June 14, 2010

glimmer in the mist

Hello all! It's Kassi, here once again to inspire you with another fabulous way to use the Creative Inspirations Paint!

Well, most schools are now out for summer, so in celebration of this, I thought this week, we should get wet! Who doesn't like a nice cool mist on a hot day? Well, let's add some color and bling to it, and we have art in the making!

CI Paint Glimmer Mist

Here's what you need:

Creative Inspirations Paint of your choice
A mister
A craft stick (not shown)

The mister I am using is made by Ranger, however I have heard that some squirt bottles you can pick up at dollar stores work as well. I have never tried.
Step 1: Fill mister part way with water.
Step 2: Shake paint jar well. (remember this is what keeps your paint evenly sparkled!)

Step 3: Using a craft stick, scoop some paint out of the jar and put it in the mister.

please note: this is NOT an exact science (at least not the way I do it!!!). Experiment with your ratio of water to paint to find what you like. The less paint, the lighter your color, the more paint, the darker your color. You will have glimmer either way.

Step 4: Using a permanent marker, label the lid of your mister so you know what color it is. This step is optional, but I have found it very useful!
Step 5: Shake mister well each time you use! In the misters, not only do the sparkles sink to the bottom, but some of the colors separate. This is fine!!! Just shake it up, and you are good to go.

Step 6: Ready.... Aim.... Spray!
Just like other misting products, you can very the look by how close/far you spray from, and how fast you sweep your hand across the page. A fast sweep from a distance will give you a fine mist. Closer up, you will get a thicker mist, and potential splotches (which some people don't like, but I think they add character!). If you don't sweep your hand while spraying, you will get a pool of color (similar to the one shown above). Play around with it to see what look you like.

*another quick tip: do a test spray on a scratch paper before you spray on your project each time you get your mister out. this way there are no surprises if your nozzle is partially/fully clogged. If it is clogged, I use hot water, some shaking, and a little pounding and I can usually get it going again*

So, now you know how to make them, what can you do with the sprays? Well, you can color paper, flowers, fabric, ribbon, etc. all with a sweep of your hand. You can also use them with masks as shown in the sample project below. For my mask, I cut an image out of acetate with my Cricut. I then covered the back with a repositionable adhesive. I then placed the mask on the page and sprayed. I then took a rag and gently dabbed off some of the extra spray. This gives it a smoother look. When you remove your mask, you will have a fun, shimmery design!

I know it is kind of hard to see in the picture, but IRL there is more of a difference between the white and pink.
The flower and ribbon were painted with Garnet CI Paint. The mist was also make with Garnet. The lighter shade comes from less paint & more water. I wanted to show that even if you go light on the paint, you still get great shimmer!
Here is a close up of the flower. The leaves were done in Sage CI paint.
Well, I hope that this has got you thinking of fun and creative ways to use your Creative Inspirations Paint! Until next time, stay sparkly!

Remember to stop by on Thursday. The DT has some great stuff to share!