The color you see is the color you get!


Looking for a new way to use your 
Creative Inspirations Paint? 

You have come to the right place!  We post tutorials every Saturday, but I've compiled them all here for quick reference!  Make sure to check back often!

If a link doesn't work, or you have a suggestion for a technique or medium you would like to see done in the CI style, send me an email.

Shell Charm

Sticky Stamps

Fun Foam Painting

Deliquesce Tones

Stamping with Stencils

Making your own Stamps

Coloring Resin

Molding Resin

Technicolor Magic

Distressed Paste

Marbled Card

Faux Canvas

Be Enameled

Highlighting Texture

Toothbrush Speckles

Treats that Speak

Crinkled Paper

 Painted Burlap

Dark Side of Distress Ink

Link Charms

String Lanterns

Water Painting

Tissue Card

Ribbon Posies

Glittered Acetate

Fabric Flowers

Photo Magic

Hot Fix

Overnight Artist part 1

Overnight Artist part 2

Stenciled Paste

Lace Texture

Fishnet Frenzy

Frosted Mulberry Paper

Wooden Roses

Disappearing Tissue Paper

Canvas Stamping

Faux Plastic Flowers

Metal Highlights

Bubble Wrap Stamping

Twisted Flowers

Glossy Paper

Clay Bracelet

Painted Lace

Tile Magnets

Hemp Flowers

Crepe Paper Ruffles


Painting on Metal