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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Color Spotlight: Fairy Dust

Welcome to Tuesday's Color Spotlight!

Today I'm going to look at one of my favorite CI Paints....Fairy Dust!! I go through this one a lot! I love it!

Fairy Dust is a clear iridescent that can be used to add shimmer to just about anything, while leaving the original paper, brad, ink, etc. the original color.

I really like how you can use Fairy Dust to add shimmer to designed paper. No more having to buy expensive shimmery designed paper when you can use what you already have at home and just use the paint to add shimmer anywhere you'd like. (Not saying it's not fun to buy new paper....but if you'd ask my husband he'd say I killed millions of trees with all the paper I own and he likes to tell people if our house would start on fire my craft room would be the first to burn with all the paper!)

Another photo of using Fairy Dust to add shimmer to a few of the circles.

This is a piece of paper I used on one of my last projects. I thought Sky Blue was a great match to the color in the center of the flowers (bottom circle), but this is just to show how Fairy Dust adds a shear shimmer rather than shimmer and color. The top two circles I just used Fairy Dust.

Who doesn't like shimmery paper?!?! I sure do! I really like that you can use Fairy Dust to add shimmer to whatever sheet of paper you'd like! Once again no more having to pay more for paper already with shimmer! You can just use your CI Paints! These paints have so many great uses!!

Here is the card I created for this week:

One last great thing about Fairy Dust is you can color your image in and use the paint to add shimmer to the areas you'd like while keeping the original color. Same goes along with using inks. Sometimes I like to ink the edges of my paper and then brush on Fairy dust to also add some shimmer.

Fairy Dust is a must have! Check the paints out on the website!

Have a wonderful day!



Kassi said...

great job! Fairy dust is one of my MUST haves too!

Creative Inspirations said...

Awesome Kendra!!!! Fairy dust is definitely a favorite seller.

goatesgirl said...

great info Kendra- thanks

Clare said...

Fairy Dust is one of my favorites too! Great tips! : )