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Saturday, December 18, 2010

blue eggs and glam (part 2)...

Welcome back everyone! Are you ready to pick up where we left of last week?  Let's get started!

You will need:
Your painted and sealed egg
Large needle
Creative Inspirations paint
Clear string/ fishing line
Strong clear liquid glue (I use Glossy Accents)
Copy paper
Something for eyes (rhinestones, marker, enamel accents)

We left off last week having sprayed our painted egg with a sealant. It should be dry, so let's move on.

Step 1: Using a long needle, poke a hole in the middle of the egg.

 Step 2: Carefully poke two more holes across from each other keeping the first hole centered between them. (you should be able to thread your needle through these two holes as seen in the photo.)

 Step 3: Cut a length of your clear string, and tie a knot to form a loop

 Step 4: Push your knot through the middle hole (the first one you made today) and secure it with your liquid glue.

Step 5: Paint the ends of 5-6 feathers with CI paint. Make sure to only paint the areas that are not fluffy. I just brushed on some Fairy Dust, but you could use any color you wanted.

 Step 6:  Fill your back hole with glue. (this is one of the holes you made to blow out your egg)

 Step 7: Push 3-4 feathers into the glue filled hole. Add additional glue if needed.

 Step 8: Repeat steps 6-7 with both side holes using only one feather per hole to create the wings.

 You should be looking something like this now.

Step 9: Cut a piece of copy paper to 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch.

Step 10: Paint with CI paint. (this will form the beak)

 Step11: Fold your square in half on the diagonal to form a triangle.

 Step 12: Open your square and fold on the other diagonal. (when opened, you will have creases that form an "X")

 Step 13: Push in 2 sides of the triangle, and crease.

 Step 14: glue the sides of the triangles you pushed in.  
 If I haven't lost you, you should have something that looks like this on the inside.

 Step 15: glue beak over the last hole (the second one you made to blow out the egg)

 Step 16: Make your eyes. I used Enamel Accents here, but you could use rhinestones, markers... what ever you want.

Now you have a very shimmery egg ornament.

*ok, so I realized as I was loading the pictures that this would be a long post.... thanks for all those who stuck with me. =)*

See you soon!


Creative Inspirations said...

Too Cute!!!

Jan Hennings said...

How sweet is this! Great idea :)

Chrissy D said...

COOL project Kassi!

Jenn K said...

What a great ornament!! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Great idea- love the color and the visuals )-D

byondbzr said...

That is adorable!

Kianel said...

This absolutely adoooorable Kassi!
Love from France, Kianel.