The color you see is the color you get!

Friday, July 22, 2011

mix it up..

Hey everyone!

I'm here once again to spread a little inspiration with a quick tip...

Even though Creative Inspirations Paint come in 59 fabulous colors, why stop there?  There are limitless color possibilities when you step into the fun world of mixing!

This color was made with appox. 2 parts Royal Blue to 1 part Sunshine...  

Here are some basics to get you started:
blue + yellow = green
blue + red= purple
red + yellow= orange
color + white= lighter color
color + black = darker color
color + brown= muted color

What colors can you make?  I'd love to hear what mixes you use!


Creative Inspirations said...

Great idea Kassi, there are so many different colors you can make just by mixing.

Anne Temple said...

I mixed winter frost and mellow yellow together and got a really soft candle glow look.