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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stars around us with Creative Inspirations paints

Hello, dear readers! I am Irit and this is my very first tutorial made for Creative Inspirations Paints.
Today we are going to learn how to use Bee Wax together with our sparkle paints.
Our product list:

Small canvas: 4*5''
Bee Wax- I used the Natural color, but any white wax can be used too.
Heat gun and small metal plate, also you can heat the wax in any other safe way too. Please remember that metals  are not for Microwaves, so if you want to try Microwave, find some MW proof  plastic  jar.
If you have a melting pot- please feel free to use it as it's the best.
White bare chipboards stars: Tando Creative
Dew Drops: Robin's Nest
Star shaped sequin waist: Gauche Alchemy
Creative Inspirations Paints: Ivory, Sea Glass, Royal Blue, Tanzanite, Silver
Non permanent glue
 Glossy Accents : Ranger

Step 1: Heat some wax in a metal plate with a heat gun. ( If you have your Melting Pot, it can be great, I
 can't use it because of the different voltage, so I alter and this small metal plate is my alteration). Add the melted wax over your canvas.

Step 2: Keep your wax hot and remember that your working time is very limited, so please leave your phones and kids by themselves for 5 seconds and remember that you work with a very hot wax, so again- no kids around!
Put your star shaped sequin waist over the hop wax, glue it quickly with 2 glue squares and then add another portion of hot melted wax over the stars.

Let it cool and dry for a few minutes and then peel the waist and keep it for the future use.

Step 3: Here the fun begins: pull your paints and begin to add them from the lighter one- Ivory to the darker one. Let your paints dry between the steps .

And here are the paints I used to finish this  project

This is the canvas after I did all the painting, but before my final embellishments.

Step 4: This is your final step of canvas decoration and you can do whatever you what here. I used Tando Creative bare white chipboard stars and added a free mix of all paints I used for the canvas. Let them dry and glue some Dew Drops on your painted stars and on the canvas.

And as for my frugal advice: you can also use any white candle  wax  you already have .Same affect, less cost. I hope that you like this technique and see you again in a week for another fun technique to share.


Carla said...

What a neat idea Irit! I would never think to use the paints on wax!

Unknown said...

Great tutorial, Irit!

Holly said...

What an interesting idea! I've never thought to use the paints on candles or wax.

FibreJunky said...

Wow, Irit, that is fascinating!! I never would have thought to do anything at all like that. It's gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Kassi said...

I love using beeswax! I recently got it out for a spa party I was throwing... I should go make something with it. =) thanks for the inspiration!

Kianel said...

Great idea Irit!
Love from France, Kianel.