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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let's Paint Ornaments!

I love making my own ornaments at Christmas. There's nothing more satisfying than someone looking at your tree and complementing one of your creations. These ornament were the plain old matte finish ones you can pick up just about everywhere this time of year... pretty, but kind of boring... that is until they got some CI Paints thrown in their direction.

This first gold one uses Emerald and Garnet paints. I don't know if you can tell in the picture but the green came out fantastic on the ornament... it's much shinier than the ornament itself and the effect is quite striking. After doodling some vines all over, I went back and added berries with the end of a paintbrush and Garnet paint.

I pulled out Gold and Onyx paints for this Santa suit inspired ornament. By far the easiest and quickest of the three... one gold stripe around the middle, a black buckle and a couple dots for buttons and call it done! I think these would be super cute haning from the front of gifts.

I think this one is my favorite... it is so shimmery in person! I brushed on Fairy Dust paint first in whisps from the top down and when that was dry I did the same overtop in Gold. Then I did the end of a paintbrush (highly technical and complicated) trick again, with Fairy Dust, Gold and Garnet, to add some random dots of color. I kept them more concentrated at the top and faded them out towards the bottom.

I hope you enjoyed today's project!



Unknown said...

Carla these are beautiful ornaments....its so nice to have home made/painted ones - just love the shimmer of the Creative Inspirations paint!

Creative Inspirations said...

Carla, these are wonderful! I bet they really shimmer with the lights reflecting off of them.

~ Kendra ~ said...

AMAZING!!!! Love the ornaments you have created! Going to have to do this next year! What a great idea! They are so beautiful!

Dawnll said...

Oh Carla these are spectacular!
The colors are amazing and such fun designs

FibreJunky said...

Wow, Carla, those are gorgeous!!! I can't wait to share these with my kids. I see a family project coming on!

mom2gran2 said...

These ornaments are so beautiful!

Kassi said...

those are beautiful! What a fabulous addition to any tree!

Kianel said...

Beautiful ornaments Carla!
Love from France, Kianel.