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Saturday, November 10, 2012

tissue, please...

Hello my wonderfully fabulous friends, and happy weekend! YAY!

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Now, are you ready for some inspiration?

It should be no surprise to any one that I love tissue paper. There is so much you can do with it!  Today, we'll be working with it to achieve a fabulous look that just can't be made any other way.  It also happens to be very easy! 

Step 1:  Cut a piece of white tissue paper that is slightly larger than your cardstock.

Step 2: Using a regular glue stick, completely cover the cardstock with glue.

Step 3: Wrinkle the tissue paper and lightly lay it on top of the gluey cardstock.

Step 4: Press the tissue paper into the glue. Make sure to leave lots of wrinkles.  Rub your fingers over the whole piece to ensure all the tissue paper is glued on.

Step 5: Check all the edges to make sure they are all glued down. 

Step 6: Allow to dry completely. If you are impatient, like me, go ahead and use your heat gun to speed things up.

Step 7: Trim off extra tissue paper.

Step 8: If you want it colored, now is the time. I like to use a blending too and distress inks, but you can use what you want.  If you want to stamp a design, you can also do that now. Use a waterproof ink like Archival Ink or StazOn.

Step 9: Now we get our fingers messy... Shake your jar of Creative Inspirations paint to make sure there is paint on the inside of the lid. Touch your finger to the inside of the lid to get a thin layer of paint on your finger.  (This beautiful color is Silver Frost)

Step 10: VERY lightly, rub your finger over the wrinkles of the tissue paper. You want to just brush the tops of the wrinkles to highlight the texture.

Isn't that great texture???  I love it!

And the shimmer of the Creative Inspirations Paint really makes it pop!

The light colors are very subtle, but the bright colors like Garnet (used above) can be very stunning too!

And don't forget to finish it all off with a fun crinkle ribbon from 3 Girl Jam!



jessica said...

Another awesome tutorial Kassi! Super finished card!!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous card!!
I love to use tissue paper to its been awhile!
Thanks for the inspiration & the amazing tutorial!

Migdalia said...

Great tutorial!Great technique!
Have a wonderful Sunday,

Emily D. said...

Beautiful cards Kassi... this is one of my favorite techniques to use on canvas. I'm so glad you shared this along with those gorgeous cards!

DIANA L. said...

Great tutorial! Beautiful design

Dana Tatar said...

Wow! Gorgeous cards! I love the shimmery highlights! Great technique. =)

Julie Shearer said...

Wow . How beautiful . TFS .