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Saturday, May 11, 2013

technicolor magic...

Hello my wonderful friends!

Today I thought I would share a fun little technique that looks a whole lot more impressive than it actually is difficult.  In fact, it is so simple, it only has two steps.  (but the end result is dazzling!!!)

I've heard some people refer to this technique as "black magic", but I don't really like that name, so I thought decided to call it.... the "technicolor magic" technique. Why?  Well, picture in your mind's eye, a tornado, a black and white farm house spinning around, and around, and around... until it crashes down... the girl inside timidly opens the door to a brightly colored scene and looks down at her little dog and says "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore..."

Ok... so I grew up LOVING the Wizard of Oz. :)

Anyway, let's make some Technicolor magic of our own
Step 1: Using a white waterproof permanent ink (or white acrylic paint), stamp your image on a black card stock.

Step 2: Paint over the white with Creative Inspirations Paint. The color will pop on top of the white!

Here is the finished piece! Beautiful, huh! And amazingly simple!  Although I did follow the lines for the the vines and to add some details, it really isn't the detailed work it looks like... want poof?

When you look at it in this light where you can see the shimmer, you can see that the flowers and berries are completely painted in...but the color only shows up on the white!

*side note for all Wizard of Oz fans... Dorothy's shoes were originally SILVER. That is how the story was written. However, to take full advantage of the Technicolor effects, they changed it to RUBY for the movie.  (When I learned that in Jr. High, I wrapped my Dorothy doll's shoes in tinfoil. True story)



Fliss said...

Really gorgeous effect here and particularly good against the black card - love it!
Fliss xx

Unknown said...
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DIANA L. said...

Beautiful Kassi great tutorial.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! Love your tutorial!
I have tried this technique before using white and colors on black but not adding color over the white what a fab idea!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Emily D. said...

This is an awesome technique !! I have to do this! Love it!!