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Saturday, November 23, 2013

stuck on glitter...

Tis the season for glitz and glam!

Hello my wonderful friends!

 Are you ready to get sparkly? 

I've noticed in the stores a fun thing... glitter tape.  It's just what it sounds like... a roll of tape that is glitterized. Well, that got my brain to thinking...

That's fun and all, but...

You guessed it, I wanted more control! I wanted it to match MY projects, MY colors, MY patterns, and MY style! I didn't want to have to match my work to what the STORE decided to carry! UGG!

But, when has that really stopped me before?  It just forces me to be a little more creative. :)

So, here is a fun way to make YOUR OWN glitter tape. (well, more like glitter ribbon...)

Step 1: Stamp a design onto tissue paper.

Step 2: Cover with a strong double sided adhesive, and trim off extra tissue... I like to use a double sided adhesive that comes in a sheet so I can cut it to the size and shape I want. I'm using a Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive sheet here.

Step 3: Peel off the back of the double sided adhesive and cover in Creative Inspirations Angel Dust Resplendence.  Press the glitter onto the adhesive and brush off the extra to return to the jar.

The fun thing about this technique, is not only is it totally customizable, but it is also semi-transparent, and you can tint it by rubbing on a little distress ink to the tissue paper side of the tape. Of course you can make plain glitter tape by simply covering one side of the double side adhesive with any color Resplendence glitter, then using the back side to adhere it to your project.

The glittered tissue tape will have to be attached with an adhesive like a glue runner or another piece of double sided adhesive... or, you can do what I did here..,

Because the back is not sticky, and it is stabilized by the tape, it can be tied in a bow. 

Not your average glitter tape, huh!



Julie Odil said...

Pooh, pretty! Messy, but I love the effect!

DIANA L. said...

Very pretty Kassi

Emily D. said...

I would definitely have glitter everywhere... I'm still going to do this.... :)