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Monday, July 26, 2010

watercolor depth...

Happy Monday blogger land! I hope you are all having a fabulous day! If not, maybe a little Inspiration Monday will help brighten things up...

So, what do I have in store for you today?


Ok, everyone knows how popular the Copic marker techniques are... However, I just can't afford those things!
Never fear! Creative Inspirations Paint to the rescue! Ok, so the look isn't quite the same, but it still looks fabulous (and it shimmers!) Since CI paints are a water based paint, they work great for this!

what will you need?

a stamp (mine is from Great Impressions)
VersaMark ink
embossing powder
heat gun
a mister
and of course... CI paint in your choice of colors
let's get started!

Step 1: heat emboss your desired image.
*this technique will work on regular cardstock, but I prefer water color paper for this... you get less pills.
*you do not need to emboss, however it will help keep your paint where you want it.

Step 2: *this is important!* Let your Fantastix soak in some water for a few minutes.
Step 3: shake, then open your first color of Creative Inspirations Paint. (here I am using Turquoise so it is easy to see in the picts)

Step 4: dip just the tip of your wet fantastix into the lid of your paint (there is usually a thin layer of paint there from shaking... You don't want too much on your fantastix for this to work
Step 5: lightly mist your stamped image. I have found it helps the paint go on smoother if you keep your image slightly damp (not soaking, just slightly damp!)

Step 6: press the tip of your fantastix against the edge of your image where you want the darkest color. You will need to hold the fantastix at an angle... You want the paint of the tip to fade into the water higher up on your fantastix.

Step 7: paint your image. remember to keep the tip pointed towards where you want the darkest color. (in this case, I am keeping it along the edge of the image.)
Step 8: For more defined shadows, repeat the process using a slightly darker color (I used Sapphire). Use even less paint on the tip for this layer so your dark line is thinner.
Play around with this technique... You can get a lot of different results depending on how much paint, water, and colors you use! It may take a few tries to feel comfortable with it, but it really isn't too difficult... and the end result is amazing!

Ok, so I used blue paint for photographic purposes, but for my actual project, I turned this castle into a sand castle...
Paper: Coredinations, water color paper, plain cardstock
Stamps: Great Impressions
Ink: VersaMark
Creative Inspirations Paint: Carmel, Tan, Chocolate, Copper, Antique Copper, Emerald, Aqua marine, Antique Silver, Coal, Sky Blue
Other: embossing powder, ribbon

Here is a close up
I used lots of different shades of browns to get the depth... Always start with your lightest color, and gradually go darker.

Don't have/want to use stamps? That is fine! This woks on die cuts as well! Place the edge of your fantastix on the edge of your die cut, an paint away! It is a great way to add dimension to a cut!

Want to get your hands on some Creative Inspirations Paint? Click here. Don't forget to throw some Fantastix in your shopping cart while you are there!

Also, don't forget to show us what you are doing with the CI paints by linking your project to us with the button at the top of our side bar.

Have a fabulously colorful day, and I'll be back soon with more inspirations for you!


Creative Inspirations said...

That is awesome Kassi! Love the sand castle. When I watercolor, I put Winter Frost in the areas that I want lighter. Then I paint over it with the color I want to use. Then I go back over with the brush or fantastix with regular water on the spots I want lighter and the Winter Frost comes up. A good tutorial for water coloring with paints is Daves blog from The Memory Box.

Kassi said...

great tips! thanks

Clare said...

Brilliant card (I love all the browns and copper!) and great tutorial!!

~ Kendra ~ said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Great tutorial!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Fantastic tutorial- the colors look very nivce too! TFS