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Friday, February 25, 2011

It's ok to color outside the lines!

Sometimes I find an awesome stamp, but the lines the artist drew can be distracting. Shaded areas that have strong outlines to them, sometimes tend to look unrealistic. What I like to do with this images, is not give up on the stamp! no! I like to grab my trusty London Fog grey ink from Memento, which is a nice light grey. I then use the lines as guidelines, but tend to go "ignore" them for shaded areas, as I did here with the fire. I then decided that I wanted my rocket to be bold, once filling it in with Silver Frost, so I outlines some areas with Onyx.

Since I plan on cutting out the image, it doesn't matter if I went a little outside the lines. I mixed Garnet and Mango to achieve this look.


Holly said...

How fun to color outside the lines! :-) Love the colors you used for the fire.

Kassi said...

great way to get more milage out of your stamps!

Jenn K said...

What a fun rocket!

Creative Inspirations said...

How fun!!! Great job Samantha!

Chrissy D said...

Ohhhhh - love the flame - FABULOUS work!