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Saturday, April 2, 2011

metal highlights...

Sitting in one of my studio windows is a jar that is full of old keys.  Some of them are old house keys from when we changed our locks, some of them are from old cars that no longer run. A lot of them came from my grandparents house. I have no idea how they got so many keys!  when we were going through everything in the house after they died, we just kept finding keys! We have NO idea what most of them ever went to. They seemed to be in every drawer!  Anyway, I've kept ahold of them (if for no other reason, they look really cool in that jar!)

Metal embellishments like keys are popular in today's crafting world.  So, I thought I would share a fun way to use your Creative Inspirations paints on some of your metal embellies to give them a little more character.

What you need:
Your metal embellishment (the more textured, the better!)
Creative Inspirations Paint 

 I'm using one of the newer looking keys from my jar... I wanted it to look more grungy, so I decided to work with "Onyx" CI paint.

 Step 1: Rub a little bit of the paint onto your embellie with your finger. 

 Step 2: With a slightly damp rag, gently wipe off some of the paint. You don't want to scrub, just wipe off the extra paint.

 You will be left with a metal embellie that has a little bit of color and sparkle highlighting the texture of your metal!

Here is another sample:
This is a Tim Holtz metal charm... I used "Sea Foam" to highlight the design. It is a fabulous way to add just a hint of color!

On this project, I used a grommet (by Making Memories) that has words etched into it.

I've always felt like the words on these grommets just get lost... The "Plum" paint really helps pop the words out! I may just start using those metal tags with words on them again...

Have fun!


Creative Inspirations said...

This is wonderful! I have a lot of metal things that I have been just hanging on to. I will have to go back and take another look at them and see what I can do with them.

Sarah said...

Kassi, I love how you can coordinate metal with the other elements of your design. Love how you designed the grommet as the flower center with the ribbon through it. Gorgeous!

Kirei na Kami said...

What a *FUN* idea!!! Now, I am going to have to dig through my neglected stash of metal goodies:o) You always have the greatest ideas!!! Wish my brain worked like that...too many cobwebs I guess;o) I also love the card you created!!! Did you dry emboss a transparency sheet? If so, what do you use to adhere it? I love that there is no glue showing through. Another fabby project!!! Wish you lived nearby so I could pick that creative brain of your;)

Holly said...

Totally awesome metalworking!!! Now where is my stash of metal doo-dads???

Kianel said...

Absolutely divine technique Kassi!
thanks for sharing this great idea!
love from France, Kianel.