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Saturday, April 23, 2011

special treat...

Hello everyone! 

In honor of Easter being tomorrow, I thought I would break from the traditional painting techniques to share a tradition that has been in my family since my grandparents... Traditionally, we do this around Halloween with orange flavored chocolate (that stuff is good!). However, since I have taken over the part of candy maker, I find excuses to make them all year round. =)

These make a really fun gift or party favor!

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

What you need:
Chocolate candy melts (I find them in craft stores with cake stuff,)
Microwave safe bowl
Marshmallows (I like the small ones best)
Styrofoam brick
Sprinkles/decorating sugars/chopped nuts (optional)

Step 1: Put candy melts in a microwave safe bowl.

Step 2: Slowly melt your chocolate. The key to this is SLOWLY!  Chocolate burns easily.  I usually do 30 second intervals on half power. Stir in between each interval.

Step 3: Stick your marshmallows onto toothpicks

Step 4: dip into melted chocolate, and pull out... you may need to spin it a little to help extra chocolate drip off.

*Optional step 5: Immediately after removing the marshmallow from the chocolate, dip in sprinkles, sugar, or chopped nuts

Step 6: stick your dipped marshmallows into your styrofoam brick to harden. They should harden at room temperature, but if you want to speed it up, stick them in the freezer for a few minutes. It doesn't take long.

*tip: keep the styrofoam brick... It can be used over and over! It is also great for holding painted brads while they are drying!

Step 7: Remove marshmallows for the toothpicks and enjoy!

now comes the part where I use the Creative Inspirations Paint. =)

to make the tag:
1. Stamp your favorite holiday image with Versamark.
2. Cover with black embossing powder and heat.
3. Paint image with CI paints. These paints are a quick and easy way to add amazing color to your projects! I love the extra festiveness the sparkle of the paint adds. It also matches the shimmer of the sugar coated marshmallows. =)
*I used: Green Olive, Fuchsia, Sky Blue, Tutu Pink, Light Purple, Mellow Yellow, Mango*
4. Die cut your image and a mat.
5. Ink the edges.
6. Glue together.
7. Use an eyelet to make attaching your tag a breeze!

Put your chocolate dipped marshmallows in a decorative container or bag, and attach your tag.
I hope you enjoy this little treat!  Have a wonderful and safe Easter!


Kianel said...

Sooooo yummy! would definitely like to taste those! When i first started to read your post i really wondered if we could eat the CI paint!!! ah ah ah!!! But NO, even if those are absolutely terrific paints!
Love your little tag too!
Love from France, Kianel.

Creative Inspirations said...

Awesome post, will definitely have to try those marshmallows. Cute tag too! Its a shame that the marshmallows have got my attention more than the paints today...

Sarah said...

Kassi, these are awesome! They look so yummy and the tag is beautiful. Have a wonderful Easter. Hugs, Sarah

~ Kendra ~ said...

Adorable tag! Love the shimmer! Neat post, thanks for sharing the tradition! They look yummy!!

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Oh that is way too adorable. Your tag is so cuted up by those marshmallows. Thank you for the tutorial.

BarbaraW said...

Adorable tag and yummy marshmallows.

Holly said...

Ohhhhhh what a yummy post! Recipes and stamping and painting!!! I love that adorable tag and those mmmmmmm marshmallows!!!