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Friday, June 24, 2011

hot fix...

Hello everyone!

After my announcement of the new Metallic Inspirations and Jeweled Inspirations, I had several people ask what "hot fix" means... 

Both the Metallic and Jeweled Inspirations are hot fix. This means that they have a heat activated glue on the back side. This makes setting them on both paper and fabric a breeze!

You will need a rhinestone heat setting tool. There are many different styles and brands of these tools, but you can get them for around $10 at Michaels or JoAnns. (cheaper if you coupon!)  They are often located with the fabric paints, iron ons, and other t-shirt decorating stuff. 

Your tool should come with instructions, but it is really simple!  Let your heat tool warm up (the metal rod will be very hot, so be careful!)  

Now place your Metallic Inspirations or Jeweled Inspirations where you want them and press the top with the heat tool... It doesn't take long for the glue to be activated, and once cool, it is set!  


I hope you are as excited as I am for these!


Creative Inspirations said...

Very clear instructions, another great tutorial Kassi.

Sarah said...

Thanks Kassi for the info.

Kim B said...

Very neat! Thanks for sharing info.