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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Hat - Kianel

Kianel here with you today showing a Halloween hat i made lately for a TOMIC challenge and where i used 12 different colors of Creative Inspirations paints and some jewelled and metallic inspirations too. Did you know that you have 59 colors of Creative Inspirations paints? that is awesome but the number of possibilities just keeps growing when you mix them together or with your favourite inks!!! So much pleasure to use!!!!
so here i used the paints "sunshine" (boy's jewel) "onyx"(all black suits) "coal" (Boy's pick) "sage" (leaves) "pumpkin" "peach" "mango" (on the dresses and pumpkins) "amethyst" "plum" on the dresses) "winter frost" (to stamp the spiderwebs) "ivory" "autumn wheat" (on all flurishes and cat's wings, etc...). I also used the siam jewelled inspirations and the metallic inspirations "matt purple" and "red".
Here are some pictures but you can see more on my blog, love,  Kianel.

 Winter  frost does give that magic shimmer that make outstanding spiderwebs.


Dawnll said...

Oh my goodness sweetie this is so amazing!
Love the mixing of colors idea.
We can never have enough shine or glitter

Kassi said...

that is so awesome! You put so much detail into your work! It is truly art!!!

BarbaraW said...

Your artpiece is absolutely fabulous.

~ Kendra ~ said...

Wow, this is just AMAZING! Love all the detail!

Creative Inspirations said...

What a beautiful hat!