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Saturday, October 1, 2011

printing stamps...

Happy October everyone! 

Today I have a quick and easy tutorial for adding extra visual texture to your silhouette stamps. (you know me, I love texture, even if it is just visual!)

Here's what you need:
Texture/background stamp
Silhouette/solid stamp
Creative Inspirations Paint
Pigment ink
Makeup wedge

*you do have some "open" time, but you want to work quickly enough that your paint and ink doesn't dry before you have a chance to stamp your paper. It helps to have everything set out and ready before you start.

 (for those not familiar with the kinds of stamps mentioned, a texture or background stamp is a stamp that has some sort of small pattern or texture to it. a silhouette stamp is a solid stamp with little to no inner detail. However, bold stamps work here too... you can see mine has details, but the majority of the stamp is solid)

 Step 1: Apply a coat of CI paint to your solid stamp.

 Step 2: Quickly apply a pigment ink to your texture stamp. (pigment ink seems to work the best. Dye inks just don't seem to work as well with the paint.)

 Step 3: Stamp your solid stamp onto your texture stamp. This will transfer the ink from the texture onto your solid stamp.

Step 4: Stamp as like normal. 

 You end up with a fun "printed" image on top of your image. Very cool. 

Now, I first learned this technique using ink on both stamps.  That's fine,  but using the CI paints for you solid stamp gives you this...


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