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Saturday, November 26, 2011

fabric resist...

Good morning everyone! 
I hope you are survived the mad rush of Black Friday... I decided not to do the shopping scene this year.

Today I want to share a fun twist on the old resist =)

Heres what you need:
Chipboard shape
Creative Inspirations Paint
white on white fabric*
dry adhesive
cotton swab

*white on white fabric is a white cotton fabric with a white design printed on it. It's faint, but you can sorta see the flower design on the fabric in this photo. I don't know what they use to print the design, but it works as a resist!

 Step 1: cover one side of your chipboard shape with your dry adhesive. 

 Step 2: firmly press your white on white fabric over your adhesive. This will act as a stabilizer for your fabric.

 Step 3: trim away excess fabric.  I like to leave a leave a little over hang for a tattered look (see next step)

 Step 4: If you want a tattered look, use your fingernails to fray the edges of the fabric... If you are having troubles fraying it, try making a few snips with your scissors and pulling strings from there.
If you don't want it tattered, just trim off all over hanging fabric.

 Step 5: water down some Creative Inspirations Paint. You can add water right in the jar (CI paints are water based, so adding water won't hurt them, just thin them... However, I like to do my mixing on a non-stick craft sheet so I can keep the rest of the paint a little thicker. 

 Step 6: paint your fabric. Because you thinned it down, it should spread on easily and it won't make the frayed edges too stiff.

Step 7: dip one end of your cotton swab in water and gently rub the CI paint off the design. Don't over-do the rubbing as you can rub off the sparkle, just gently go over the design. 

 Once it's dry, it's ready to use!

I love the combination of shimmer and texture!



Creative Inspirations said...

This is awesome Kassi!

Unknown said...

This looks really cool - now I will be rummaging through my fabric stash!

Dawnll said...

Such a fun technique-really love the use of fabric

Anne Temple said...

Love this idea!

BarbaraW said...

Cool project. Have to look for white on white fabric.

~Carla said...

Gorgeous Kassi! I had no idea you could do that with the white on white fabric! I hope I have some in my stass!

Kianel said...

Oh Kassi, as usual, what a clever idea! love the vintage look!
Love from France, Kianel.

Holly said...

Oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this! The frayed edges are so cool and I love the subtle pattern that really pops out after you apply the paint.