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Monday, September 3, 2012

Treat Bags

I recently got these treat bags from a friend to alter and when deciding what to do with them I obviously was thinking how could I alter these with my CI Paints?!?!  As I just love the shimmer of the paints!

The orange bag in the middle, was dyed orange using CI Paint Mango!
And the bat package's lettering and bats, I added shimmer using Coal

I thought I would share a fun little tutorial on how I dyed the Ghost treat bag.

My jar of Mango didn't have much paint left in it, so I just added some water right into the jar and used a paint brush to stir it up.

I then poured the contents of the jar into a zip-lock bag, as well as the fabric treat bag.

I then scrunched/smashed (not sure what are the right words to use!) the zip-lock bag trying to make sure the paint covered the entire treat bag.

I took the treat bag out, when I thought it was completely covered:

I was already very happy with the results, just look at the shimmer!!

I needed to leave the bag sit for a day to dry.

Then I altered it using stamps!

Finished treat bag:

Fun, isn't it?!?

I used Memento Black ink to stamp the images on the bag, but found that it doesn't completely stamp that well on the fabric.  So I then used  my black Zig Pigment marker to go over the lines and make them darker!

Close-up of the shimmer:

Lastly, and most important.....finish by adding some treats!! :)

In the case of the bat treat bag, I stamped my images on the bag, but instead of going over with my Zig marker, I instead used a tiny paint brush and CI Paint Coal to make the sentiment and bats look better.  And shimmer!! :)

You can see in the above picture that the bat and the "a" in Happy have had shimmer already added to them!

Have a wonderful day!!



jessica said...

LOVE these Kendra!!! Awesome job!!!

Dana Tatar said...

Super cute bags! I really love the orange! Thanks for the inspiration. =)

Colleen Dietrich said...

Fabulous projects, Kendra! Love your ingenuity, with the little bit you had left of Mango paint.

Kimberly S said...

What a fun idea making the treat bags! Love how you died one with Mango, it turned out just gorgeous. hugs, Kimberly

Michelle H. said...

Beautiful bags!!
Love how you used the mango CI color paint!

Sandie said...

Looks fantastic Kendra, what a wonderful idea...!

DIANA L. said...

Thhis is so cool!! I just love this idea. These paints are so fun!!!