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Saturday, March 16, 2013

$20.00 Starbucks Facebook Giveaway!

                                          Greetings CIP Fans!
We would love to make it to 200 fans on our Creative Inspirations Facebook!
If you would like to help, here are the details below!
Help us reach 200 "likes" on Facebook and have a chance to win a $20.00 Starbuck's gift card!
"Like" us and you have one chance to win. Refer a friend (and if they mention your name in a comment), you'll have another chance to win!
The more friends you refer to "like" us - the more chances you have to win a gift card. Just remember, they have to mention your name in their comment.
They have to say that you referred them. (For example, if 5 people "like" us and mention your name, you'll be entered 5 times.)
Thanks for all the new "likes" we have received in the past few weeks!
We appreciate you being here!
The winner will be announced on April 6th midnight CST.
Have a wonderful day!!

1 comment:

Emily D. said...

Fantastic giveaway!!! What a great prize for one of our followers on Facebook!!