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Saturday, March 9, 2013

highlighting texture...

Hello my wonderful friends!
Guess what? Spring is on it's way! Each day I walk by my little window garden and see the bulbs that are blooming and they just make me smile. 

In my excitement for Spring I have been playing with paper flowers. And, you know me, I don't seem to be able to do much without diving into textures as well. =)  

So, I wanted to share with you my current favorite texturing technique!

Step 1: Cover a piece of piece of card stock completely with a glue stick. I don't use anything fancy... just cheap card stock and a regular glue stick.

Step 2: Scrunch up a piece of tissue paper (you know, the kind you stuff in a gift bag to make it all fancy) flatten it out somewhat then press it onto your gluey card stock. The more crinkles you have, the more texture you'll have. 

Let this dry completely, or dry it with a heat gun.

Step 3: Brush on some acrylic paint. Don't over saturate it or you may rip your tissue paper. A nice thin layer should do the trick. 

Let this dry completely, or dry it with a heat gun.

*Optional: If you want, you can splatter, stamp, spray.... what ever to add more layers of color. * 

This little wonder is a product that Ranger makes called "Cut 'n Dry Foam Pad". It comes in a 8x10" sheet, then you cut off the size you want.  (don't get this mixed up with the Cut 'n Dry Felt Pad. They are NOT the same. The Foam pads are for thicker mediums like say.... Creative Inspirations Paint...) 

Ok... back to our paper...

Step 4: Load up a  piece of Cut 'n Dry Foam with Creative Inspirations Paint by putting some paint on a non-pourous surface and rubbing the white side of the pad into it. 

Step 5: VERY lightly brush the pad over your paper. You want the pad to only brush across the high points of the texture. This will highlight the texture with the color and shimmer of your favorite Creative Inspirations Paints.

I used Rose Quartz and Gold for this one, so it is very subtle but it is BEAUTIFUL when the sunlight hits it! It really makes it pop!

From here, I die cut some flowers out of the textured paper and fabric and layered it for a fabulous bloom.... however, there are countless things you can do with this textured paper!

The shimmer is adds such a gorgeous highlight to the texture!  I love using this technique in my crafting! Go ahead, give it a try!


PS: The Cut 'n Dry Foam Pads are very durable and can be rinsed out and reused!  Simply wash it out while the paint is still wet then let it dry and you will be able to use the same piece over and over again!!!


Lori Aragon said...

Oh this is AWESOME!!! I absolutely love this texture technique. I definitely will be trying it soon :) Thank you!!!
Love and blessings,

Mummylade said...

what a fantastic idea! I'm gonna try that right away!! Thanks

Unknown said...

Gorgeous flowers!
Love the tutorial and love the technique.
One of my favorites to try and you rock it!!

Dana Tatar said...

Gorgeous flowers Kassi! Thanks for the inspiration. =)

jessica said...

awesome technique and gorgeous flower Kassi!!
Thanks for sharing!!

~ Kendra ~ said...

Wonderful technique! LOVE your flowers!! So beautiful!!

Cheryl Walker said...

Absolutely beautiful flowers!!! Love them!!!

Emily D. said...

Wow.. I'm loving this technique and how the flowers turned out!! I have to try this!!!