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Thursday, August 15, 2013

All Boxed Up.

Hi everyone I am back on this totally hot Thursday in Sunny Florida.  You would think after 20 years I would be used to this weather but nope... Anyhoo today I am sharing a book box well I should say a hidden compartment book box because when you open it up there is a compartment you can use to store items in.

 I applied gesso and painted and sort of smeared the paint with my fingers along different parts of the paper
 I applied the gold paint to the leaves to add some shine and color to them

It is hard to tell but I also painted the mesh ribbon with some paint to make it match the colors I chose to use.  I love how it all turned out and I hope everyone enjoyed my project for today.

Thanks for stopping by and dont forget our challenge!


Kimberly S said...

What a gorgeous box Monica with that bit of shimmer, and I love the faerie! hugs, Kimberly

Shea said...

This is such a cool project, Monica. I have one of those boxes and never thought about altering it - thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

Kassi said...

so pretty! I love the lace and flowers!

Unknown said...

Very pretty!

Emily D. said...

So gorgeous!! It is really beautiful. Definitely a great treasure box.