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Monday, June 21, 2010

who can resist?

Hello everyone in blogger land! Who's ready for some Monday inspiration?

Before we dive into today's technique, I want to remind all of you of our blog truffle going on right now. Don't forget to enter for a chance to win 5 jars of Creative Inspirations paint!!!

Ok, now let's on with the show! (hehehe!)
Today I wanted to focus on a fun technique called resist. Many of you have probably seen this (if not done it yourself) with ink... However, did you know that you can use heat embossing as a resist for the CI paint? You can! I'll walk you through it... I promise it's not too hard.

*I am working on watercolor paper for this technique... It would probably work on regular cardstock, but because of the amount of water I am using, I like to work with the watercolor paper. I also wiped my paper with an anti-static pouch called an "Embossing Buddy". This just helps keep stray powder from sticking. *
Step 1: Ink up your chosen stamp with an embossing ink such as VersaMark
Step 2: Stamp. Yep, stamp just like normal... Because this ink is clear, you will only faintly see it on your paper. In the right light, it will look kind of shimmery
Step 3: Pour on the embossing powder.... don't need to be skimpy... any extra will be reusable! *I am using white for a nice contrast, but any color would work* I like to do this step over a scrap piece of paper that has been creased down the center... this makes it easy to return all extras to the jar.
Step 4: Tap off all extra embossing powder. You can even give it a nice flick or two. This is where the scrap paper comes in handy... just pour all the powder back into your jar. If You didn't use an anti-static pouch or cloth, you may need to take a small paint brush and get rid of any stray powder here.
Step 5: Using a heat gun, melt the embossing powder. It will become shiny when it is done. Don't over heat!
Step 6: I wanted to make this a lighter wash, so I placed some CI paint on a piece of acrylic (a craft sheet, freezer paper or a plastic paint tray would also work for this)
Step 7: Spray your puddle of paint with a mister. I like to use a mister simply because it is easier for me to control how much water gets sprayed on.
Step 8: Mix the water into the paint. This will thin the paint, but the paint will remain colorful and sparkly. (how thin it gets is dependent on how much water you add)

Step 9: Brush on your thinned out paint. (sorry, I didn't get a good photo of this step.... but I just used the paint brush and brushed paint over the entire paper)
Step 10: Let dry.... or if you are impatient like me... zap with a heat gun. :)
Step 11: Using a damp cloth or q-tip, wipe the paint of the embossed areas.

On my project, I went back and added a little pink right around the embossed area for a little highlight. To add other colors, simply repeat steps 6-10 until all colors are added, then go on to step 11.

For this sample project, I used:
Paper: DCWV, watercolor paper
CI paint: Antique Silver, Tutu Pink
Ink: VersaMark
Stamp: Sassafras "Freshly Picked"
Other: White ribbon painted with CI paint
Just look at that shimmery background for that embossed image!
So, grab some embossing powder and your favorite CI paint and give this technique a try!!!

Have fun painting!


shari said...

What a neat technique! I'll have to try this one. Thanks for the tutorial. Shari (cricutrookie)

juli (sweetpz) said...

great technique! i have all the supplies, except for the CI paint.. seems really easy enough to try!
thanks for sharing =)

Creative Inspirations said...

That is such a cool idea!!! Thank you for this idea.

Shelly Schmidt said...

What a pretty card- I love the look of this pretty card! I love the tutorial-Thanks!