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Monday, June 14, 2010

glimmer in the mist

Hello all! It's Kassi, here once again to inspire you with another fabulous way to use the Creative Inspirations Paint!

Well, most schools are now out for summer, so in celebration of this, I thought this week, we should get wet! Who doesn't like a nice cool mist on a hot day? Well, let's add some color and bling to it, and we have art in the making!

CI Paint Glimmer Mist

Here's what you need:

Creative Inspirations Paint of your choice
A mister
A craft stick (not shown)

The mister I am using is made by Ranger, however I have heard that some squirt bottles you can pick up at dollar stores work as well. I have never tried.
Step 1: Fill mister part way with water.
Step 2: Shake paint jar well. (remember this is what keeps your paint evenly sparkled!)

Step 3: Using a craft stick, scoop some paint out of the jar and put it in the mister.

please note: this is NOT an exact science (at least not the way I do it!!!). Experiment with your ratio of water to paint to find what you like. The less paint, the lighter your color, the more paint, the darker your color. You will have glimmer either way.

Step 4: Using a permanent marker, label the lid of your mister so you know what color it is. This step is optional, but I have found it very useful!
Step 5: Shake mister well each time you use! In the misters, not only do the sparkles sink to the bottom, but some of the colors separate. This is fine!!! Just shake it up, and you are good to go.

Step 6: Ready.... Aim.... Spray!
Just like other misting products, you can very the look by how close/far you spray from, and how fast you sweep your hand across the page. A fast sweep from a distance will give you a fine mist. Closer up, you will get a thicker mist, and potential splotches (which some people don't like, but I think they add character!). If you don't sweep your hand while spraying, you will get a pool of color (similar to the one shown above). Play around with it to see what look you like.

*another quick tip: do a test spray on a scratch paper before you spray on your project each time you get your mister out. this way there are no surprises if your nozzle is partially/fully clogged. If it is clogged, I use hot water, some shaking, and a little pounding and I can usually get it going again*

So, now you know how to make them, what can you do with the sprays? Well, you can color paper, flowers, fabric, ribbon, etc. all with a sweep of your hand. You can also use them with masks as shown in the sample project below. For my mask, I cut an image out of acetate with my Cricut. I then covered the back with a repositionable adhesive. I then placed the mask on the page and sprayed. I then took a rag and gently dabbed off some of the extra spray. This gives it a smoother look. When you remove your mask, you will have a fun, shimmery design!

I know it is kind of hard to see in the picture, but IRL there is more of a difference between the white and pink.
The flower and ribbon were painted with Garnet CI Paint. The mist was also make with Garnet. The lighter shade comes from less paint & more water. I wanted to show that even if you go light on the paint, you still get great shimmer!
Here is a close up of the flower. The leaves were done in Sage CI paint.
Well, I hope that this has got you thinking of fun and creative ways to use your Creative Inspirations Paint! Until next time, stay sparkly!

Remember to stop by on Thursday. The DT has some great stuff to share!



Creative Inspirations said...

You have done another awesome job showing off the paints!!!!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Great tutorial GF! Luv your closeups and the flower is way kewl!