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Monday, June 7, 2010

Tied up in Sparkles

Hello all you sparkly and creative people! My name is Kassi, and I am a member of the Creative Inspirations DT. There have been a lot of questions of what you can do with these cute little jars of complete yumminess. The answer: TONS!
Today I thought I would share one of my favorite uses.
I love using ribbon on my projects. Like most people who love ribbon, I have tons of the stuff, but I would get so frustrated with the fact that despite all the ribbon I have, I never seemed to have the "right" color. To fix that problem, I use these CI paint to alter cheap white ribbon (you know, the kind you can get for 50 cents a spool).

I usually do this on a non-stick craft mat, to make cleanup a cinch, but for the sake of easy viewing in photo graphs, I am using some dark paper behind my ribbon.
I tape the ends of my ribbon down to my work surface. This allows me the use of both of my hands and keeps the ribbon in place.

Next, I lightly spritz the ribbon with water. *this step is not necessary, however, because the paints are water based, they mix well with water, and spritzing the ribbon just keeps the ribbon from absorbing quite as much paint*

Shake your jar of paint (this insures the sparkles are well mixed into the paint as they tend to settle). Open the jar, and simply brush on your paint, and allow to dry. This is quick & simple and now you have a sparkly ribbon that matches perfectly with with your project! The hardest part (at least for me) is waiting for it to dry =)
Even on ribbon, this paint shines! Check out that shimmer. It is so hard to get a good photo of the paint, is so much better IRL.
Here is a sample project using painted ribbon.
Here is a closer look at the painted ribbon on this project. Isn't that gorgeous???
So, next time your ribbon doesn't match, grab a jar of CI paint and make it match!
Have a fabulously sparkly week!
Remember to check back on Thursday to see more creative projects from the DT!


~ Kendra ~ said...

Great job explaining Kassi!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Thanks for this- I am such a visual learner- love to see different ways to use the paints. TFS

Creative Inspirations said...

I love the tutorials that you do. Awesome job showing how to use the paints!!!