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Saturday, November 20, 2010

dip and flick...

Hello everyone! Are you ready to get messy? I hope so!

This is a fun technique for adding random splotches of shimmer, or creating fun backgrounds. And the best part is that it is simple, and doesn't require any fancy products or tools!

What you need:

A protected work space (very important!!!! this gets messy!!!)
A non-porus surface (like an acrylic block or piece of plastic)
A paint brush or new toothbrush
Creative Inspirations Paint
And, of course, your project

 Step 1: Put a glob of Creative Inspirations Paint on your non-porus surface. (Sorry about the glare... Acrylic blocks and flash don't play well together...)

 Step 2: Add water to your paint. I'm using a spray bottle, but you can use a paint brush, your hand, or a cup.

 Step 3: Mix the paint and water well. CI paints are water based, so they mix well with water.

Step 4: Load up your brush with your watery paint

Step 5: Hold your brush over your paper, and flick it with your finger. 

Reload your brush as needed. The more you flick, the more splotches of paint will end up on your project.

After a few flicks, your paper may look something like this...

 You can do this on dark paper too.  (in some lights you won't really see anything, but tilt it a little, and your splotches will shine!)

Warning: This is very messy! Paint tends to really fly.  I like to wear an apron to protect my clothes. I also remove any other projects from the table just to be safe.  I've even considered wearing safety glasses...
Note: if it gets in your eyes, rinse with water. (and yes, that would be from experience.... )

Here is my project... I thought the random splotches of Winter White made the perfect snowflakes for this card...

Here is the same card tilted slightly... it is kinda fun to have disappearing snow!
Paper: white cardstock
Stamps: Great Impressions "Country Snowman", Prima "Music", Glitz "Distressing"
Ink: VersaMark, VersaMagic, Distress, Mark-it
Creative Inspirations Paint: Winter Frost
Other: ribbon, embossing powder

Well... there you go!  Another fun way to add a hint of glitz to your projects!  
Have a fabulous weekend!


Coleen said...

Cute project Jan, makes me want to go play.

Jan Hennings said...

This is a great technique and tutorial! I'll give this a try and it seems to be perfect for a light dusting of snow :)

Creative Inspirations said...

Awesome job Kassi!

Jenn K said...

I love this technique!! Thanks for sharing

~ Kendra ~ said...

I've been playing around with this technique as well! Great job Kassi!

Kianel said...

super cool technique Kassi! thanks!
love from France, Kianel.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Great pictorial for your technique. TFS

byondbzr said...

Great technique, I love getting messy!

Samantha said...

Nothing i love more then getting messy! Great technique!

Chrissy D said...

Ohhh neat! One thing I do is have a cardboard box I do messy work inside of! Saves a little mess, but allows me to be creative! LOL