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Saturday, November 27, 2010

power tool fun...

Welcome to another Saturday Inspirations post! 

 Today I thought I would focus on an altering project.... So grab your paint and brushes, and lets have some fun!

What you will need:

Power Drill (trust me)
Scrap of wood
Acrylic Paint
  (gasp!  yes, I really am using acrylic paint on this project)
Creative Inspirations paint
(sigh... ok, life can get back to normal... hehehe)
Sealant (decoupage glue/sealant works well)
What you want to decorate with....

I'm using:
Solvent ink (like StazOn)
Ranger Distress Crackle paint (clear)
Distress ink

*Quick tip before we start... I didn't want to ruin my good set of dominos that my family plays with, so I went out and found a really cheap set (meant to be a stocking stuffer). I think I spent $3 on mine at Michaels*

ok... now on to the fun stuff! Power tools! LOL!

Step 1: Use a strong double stick tape to secure your domino to a scrap block of wood. (I use old wooden stamp blocks.)  This does two things... protects your work area from accidental holes, and allows you to hold your domino from a safe distance. 

 Step 2: Carefully drill a hole(s) in your domino. This will be for attaching to a necklace or hook, or whatever you want to attach your altered domino to.  Start very slow until you have a nice hole started, then you can speed up.  (you can do this by hand, but trust me... the blisters hurt!)

Warning: PLEAE follow all safety guidelines for your power tool!  I don't want anyone injured while crafting!

 Step 3: When you feel your drill hit the wood beneath the domino, carefully remove the drill.

 Step 4: Give your domino a nice base coat of acrylic paint. This will help the CI paints stick better and thus requiring fewer coats.

Step 5: Allow to dry completely

 Step 6: Paint on some Creative Inspirations paint. I'm using Green Olive.

Step 7: Allow to dry
 Step 8: Apply a second coat of CI paint if desired.

Step 9: Allow to dry

Step 10: Decorate!

I'll walk you through what I did...
 I used black StazOn  to ink up my stamp (Fancy Pants)

 I then carefully stamped my image on the domino. This can be tricky as the stamp wants to slide on  the slick surface.

 I then covered part of the domino with Rock Candy Distress Crackle paint. This is a clear crackle paint by Ranger, and it is a great way to add interest and texture.

 When that was dry, I rubbed in some Distress ink. (like other crackle projects I've shown, the paint will resist the ink. This means that the ink will only stay on the insides of the cracks... It is a great way to bring out the texture and give an antiqued look

 Step 11: Coat with a sealant.  This is a very important step to ensure your painted masterpiece can withstand water and scratches.

When mine was dry, I strung a cording through it with a simple knot, and made a fun necklace. (yes, I know, pink doesn't really match the domino, but hey, it was that or a blue-green cord...LOL) You can really see the shimmer of the CI paints in this photo.
 I'm thinking they would make some fun Christmas ornaments... Now I want to go play! =)

So go grab that power drill out in the garage, and have some shimmery fun!


Kianel said...

woooooooooooooow Kassi, this is absolutely stunning!!!
i loooove it!!!
love from France, Kianel.

Chrissy D said...

Ohhh cool project Kassi - Love this idea!

Creative Inspirations said...

Great project Kassi!

Jan Hennings said...

Beautiful altered the shimmer with the crackled paint!

Karen Wilson said...

Very clever to alter a domino piece. Looks great!

~ Kendra ~ said...

Another great domino!!

Jenn K said...

Thanks for the fun tutorial.

byondbzr said...

Gorgeous and a great idea!

Shelly Schmidt said...

I love all of the visuals for your tutorial. TFS