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Friday, April 15, 2011

in the prime...

Happy Friday everyone!  

I'm here today to share a quick tip.

Have you ever tried to paint a chipboard piece with your Creative Inspirations Paint, and found yourself disappointed by the dull color?  Well, the is because the paints are translucent... The dark color of the chipboard can be seen through the paint leaving it looking like the piece on the left.

I painted both of these chipboard puzzle pieces with Sea Foam  CI paint... So how did I get the vibrant color to show up over the brown of the chipboard on the second piece?
I used a base coat of gesso.  Gesso is a white primer that is often used to prep surfaces for painting.  Just like putting a primer on your walls, putting gesso on your chipboard will make a world of difference!
Simply brush on (or sponge on) the gesso, allow to dry, then paint with your choice of CI paints.

You can find gesso in the painting section of craft/art stores.

Take time to be creative this weekend!


Creative Inspirations said...

Great tip!

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Another brilliant idea.

~ Kendra ~ said...

Good tip Kassi! I love using chipboard!

Kianel said...

thanks for that super duper tip!
Love from France, Kianel.

Holly said...

Thank you for that wonderful tip, Kassi! I just did that to some chipboard butterflies - but I can't share the project just yet. :-)