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Saturday, May 21, 2011

fishnet frenzy...

When I was in high school, you would normally be able to find me hanging out around the Drama room, or the stage.  I still have all my costumes from the musicals, plays, and competitions. (which my niece loves to use as dress-ups now)

Not long ago, while digging around for some nylons, I came across a pair of fishnet tights that  had been part of one of those costumes. After discovering a hole in them, I was about to throw them out.  I then started thinking about the texture and how they might be altered for use in my studio.... (yes, I do think about that with a lot of things! LOL!)  

Today I thought I would share what I did with them.

What you need:
Fishnet tights (yes, you can find these in the stores again. lol)
Embroidery Hoop
Creative Inspirations Paint
Paint brush

Step 1: Cut a section of one of the legs off. Then make a vertical cut up the section to open it up into a square.  (sorry, forgot to take a photo)

 Step 2: Stretch the fishnet tight onto an embroidery hoop.

Tip: Since the fishnet is very stretchy by nature, it helps to stretch the fishnet onto a hard flat surface using tape to hold down the edges. You can then slip the bottom of the hoop under it and slid the top of the hoop over it. 

 Step 3: Cover the fishnet with Gesso. The material is very absorbent, so I ended up doing 3 coats, allowing them to dry in between.

 Step 4: Once your final layer of gesso is dry, you an paint on the Creative Inspirations paint for color and sparkle. For this one, I used Gold and Rustic Red

Once dry, you can remove it from the hoop.  this makes a fun texture for a background, or you can use it to cover chipboard shapes, or you can cut it into strips and make cute bows as I did here.

After all the gesso, the holes will remain stretched open after removing it from the hoop, so you get great texture!

Tip: While painting on the gesso and CI paint, place a piece of paper under the hoop.  You will end up with a great textured paper!



Zoechaos said...

Awesome, thank you XOXO Zoe

Sarah said...

Kassi, this is brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs, Sarah

Creative Inspirations said...

Love the finished bow. Great idea!

BarbaraW said...

I haven't seen fishnet tight for ages. This makes me wish I had some to play with. Great idea.

Kianel said...

Wonderful idea Kassi! so inventive!
Love from France, Kianel.

Holly said...

This is fabulous! Who would have thought to paint on old pantyhose?? LOL I love it!

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Wow, what a cool idea. You rock!