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Saturday, May 14, 2011

frosted glass...

Hey everyone! I'm glad to see you all survived Friday the 13th, and are back here for more inspiration!

While sifting through my box of "ideas in progress", I came across a technique that I had played with a while ago, and had stuck in my box and forgotten about... I thought I would pull it out today and share it with you.

What you need:
Mulberry Paper
Clear Embossing Ink
Clear Embossing Powder
Creative Inspirations Paint
Anti-Static Duster
Damp Cloth
Clean Water (optional)

 Step 1: Prepare your mulberry paper by rubbing it with and anti-static duster... These are known by several names (Embossing Buddy being one) and are basically a fine powder that you spread on a surface before heat embossing to ensure the powder doesn't cling where you don't want it to due to moisture or static. Very handy. =)

 Step 2: Ink up your stamp with your clear embossing ink.

 Step 3: Stamp your image onto your mulberry paper.

 Step 4: Cover with Clear embossing powder.  Due to the "hairy" texture of the paper, you may find that you have small fibers sticking up that are covered with powder.. You can remove these with tweezers if you want, but I haven't notice much difference once heated. 

Step 5: Melt the embossing powder as you would normally do.

 *Optional*  if you want a softer edge, dip a paint brush in clean water and drag it across the edge. You can then gently tear the paper.  This will leave a soft "fuzzy" edge.  It works best if you work in small areas at a time so your paper doesn't dry before you tear it.

 *random side note: remember those cute "tear bears" that were so popular?  This is one of the ways that people got that fuzzy look on them. =)

ok.. back to business....
 Step 6: Paint your embossed mulberry paper with your choice of Creative Inspirations Paint... I'm using Denium.

Step 7: Allow to dry.

 Step 8: Using a damp cloth or paper towel, wipe the CI paint off of the embossed areas.  The moisture on the cloth will be enough to wipe the dried paint off the embossing.

 And here is your final piece... all sparkly and pretty!

And the cool thing...
 Where you have embossed, it is semi-translucent.. meaning you can see through it (not perfectly clear, more like looking through frosted glass.) In this picture, I am holding it up in front of a window.. it almost glows!  So pretty!

 For this card, I decided to add a little bit of color to the back of the embossed part with markers. It added such a nice soft color!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Claire said...

Wow what a fab technique! I looks stunning
Claire xx

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Wow, what an awesome technique. Your blue really pops.

BarbaraW said...

Gorgeous outcome to a great technique

Kirei na Kami said...

Ooooo....what a wonderful technique!!! I love the softness it adds to a card/project. Definitely gonna have to give this a try too!!! Man, I wish you lived next door...I'd be picking that creative brain of yours everyday:)


Holly said...

What a cool idea!!! I don't even know if I have any mulberry paper left.... gotta hunt through my stash(es). LOL!

Kianel said...

This is a super technique Kassi!
Love from France, Kianel.