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Friday, May 13, 2011

look at them jars...

Sorry we are late on our post today. Anyone who tried to post yesterday using Blogger will understand that they had major problems!  And then I wake up this morning to my internet not working.. I tell ya, I never really believed in the whole "Friday the 13th" but the way today has been going... =P

Anyway, today I have a quick tip for you...

Have you ever noticed just how darn cute the Creative Inspirations paint jars are?  Well, why not recycle them?  Once you have used up all the paint in the jar, don't throw them away!  Instead, soak the jars and lids in warm soapy water for a while. The paint will soften and come right off with just a little scrubbing around the threads of the jar.  Once they are clean, let them dry. They are then ready to be used as mixing jars for custom mixed CI paint colors, or as containers for your small embellishments like brads, rhinestones, and sequins!  

How do you reuse your empty jars?

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Dawnll said...

Such a great idea to save and re-use. I couldn't imagine throwing them away...
Thanks for sharing
blessings to you, Dawn ll