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Thursday, January 27, 2011

CI Paints + Texture Builder!

Helllllooo, Dani here! If it seems like I'm in a chipper mood, I am! Any day that I get to play with paint and any other kind of medium is a good day for me! Today, I am sharing a layout that I made for a family friend featuring her niece and nephew having their first lollipop!

First off, I used CI sky blue to "wash" the background. (Is 'wash' a good word for it? I'm not really sure what else I'd say.. haha!) Doesn't it go GREAT with this line of Sassafras?

Secondly, I used texture builder (I actually used the kind for acrylic paint. Not sure if you are 'supposed' to, but it worked.. haha) on the dragonfly. I mixed one part CI sunshine with, I'd say, 3 parts texture builder. Once mixed, I applied it to the chipboard with a circle foam brush. To get the 'peaks' in the paint, dab the foam brush loaded with paint/texture builder mixture straight down and pull it up kind of fast, twisting as you come up. For those of you not familiar with texture builder, you can find it in the acrylic paint section of the craft store.

Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday! :)


Creative Inspirations said...

Great layout! Love the idea of mixing it with the texture builder.

Kassi said...

great job! I love the look of the texture!!!

Samantha said...

Super cool technique!

Chrissy D said...

Ohh what a great page. Love the added texture!!

Holly said...

How cool is this? I've never heard of texture builder - love that effect!