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Saturday, January 8, 2011

endless possibilities...

Hello everyone! Ready to get shimmery?

Today, I thought I would share one of my favorite color mixing techniques. For those of you who know me, I like things to match. When I have a red paper, it bugs me when my red ribbon has just a little too much orange in it. Know what I mean?  Well, the same is true with paint. (yes, I know, Creative Inspirations carries a LOT of colors, but honestly, no one can carry EVERY color!) Anyway, this is a quick and fun way to expand your CI color collection to match your stash. 

You will need:

Creative Inspirations Paint: Fairy Dust
Small container 
mixing stick
Dye Reinkers 
(yes, it must be DYE reinkers.... pigment won't work for this)

Step 1: Place desired amount of Fairy Dust paint in small container. (here I am re-purposing some plastic packaging, however, if you are making a large amount, you can buy small containers with lids for mixing paint at your local Michaels in the paint section)

 Step 2: Add a TINY amount of reinker. A little will go a LONG way, so start small. Here I am using Victorian Velvet Distress Reinker. I don't squeeze the dropper at all.. I just gently tap it to get a tiny drop.

 Step 3: Stir. I use a plastic craft stick, or a toothpick, but you can use whatever you want.

 You now have a custom shimmer paint color to match your ink.

Fairy Dust is the clear shimmer paint from CI. Because of that,  you can see how the pink and green paints match the Victorian Velvet and Forest Moss Distress inks perfectly. *Sigh* I love it when things match!

Want some variation on this same technique?
1. Use Winter Frost paint as your base. This will give you a lighter shade of your color.
2. Use Coal or Onyx paint as your base to give you a darker shade of your color.
3. Use Chocolate or Mocha to give you a muted shade of your color.
4. Use more reinker to give you a deeper, richer color.
5. Try using any other color paint as your base to give you brand new shimmery colors!

The possibilities are endless... I do have to warn you... this can become HIGHLY addicting. LOL!


Creative Inspirations said...

Great tutorial Kassi!!

Jenn K said...

Very cool! TFS

Holly said...

Great tutorial! I need to try this out!

Samantha said...

You are a GENIUS... Can't wait to try this

~ Kendra ~ said...

Love the tutorial Kassi!! Great idea!

Kianel said...

Also my favourite so far!
great tutorial Kassi!
Love from France, Kianel.