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Saturday, January 15, 2011

texture anyone?

Hello everyone! 
Since this past week's challenge has been all about texture, I thought I would jump in and get my hands messy!  This technique is such a fun way to add texture because you control how thick it is, and how much texture you end up with. 

What you need:

Modeling Paste
Palette knife
Creative Inspirations Paint
Ink (optional)
Stamp (optional)
Your project

 *Modeling paste can be found in craft stores near the fine art paints.

 Step 1: Using a palette knife (or popsicle stick) spread some modeling paste over what ever areas of your project you want to add some extra texture to. (it feels very much like you are icing a cake...)

 There is no right or wrong way to do this... just play! You can make it thick or thin, smooth  or bumpy...  What ever makes your heart sing!

 Step 3: This step is optional!  If you want an impressed image, you can stamp your paste.  Simply press your stamp into the paste and carefully peel away. If you mess up, just smooth over it with your palette knife and try again.

 Stamping works best if you have a THIN layer of paste. It also helps to let it dry slightly before stamping. Also, this technique will not render you a crisp image. It has more of an impressionistic feel. Bold stamps work best.

Step 4: Let AIR dry. Unfortunately, the slow way is the best way. I tried to speed it up once using a heat gun.. Let's just say it stinks, and does funny things to the paste...
Drying time will vary depending on a lot of things like how thick you put it on. Just to be safe, I often let mine dry overnight.

 Step 5: Paint with chosen CI paint(s). Here I am using Sky Blue. 

The paint looks different on the different surfaces. On the plain cardstock, the paint has knockout shine... on the paste, although it does shimmer, it is more subtle, and the color looks more intense. 

 Step 6: this step is also optional! If you want added pop and dimension, try rubbing on some ink over the paste with ink blending foam. Here I am using Walnut Stain Distress ink.

It really makes the texture pop! And, as long as you use dye inks, the shimmer will still show through. Fun, huh!

*Make sure you wash your stamps really well after doing this.  Using a toothbrush helps get the paste out of little crannies. Don't let the paste dry on your stamps!

Here is a card I did using this same technique...
I used Citrus CI paint for the back, then I when over the paste with Atlantic Blue Archival from Colorbox.  I also wanted to make the design pop more, so once everything was dry, I inked my stamp, and carefully lined it up and pressed.. this inked the already stamped texture perfectly. (I love clear stamps when I'm doing things like this!)



Creative Inspirations said...

This is great Kassi!

~ Kendra ~ said...

Neat idea! I have a bunch of that stuff left over from a project I did last year, I'll have to try it!

Jenn K said...

What a neat texture on a card!

Chrissy D said...

Cool- Kassi. I am going to try this!

Samantha said...

DE-LISH! Love how this turned out!

Holly said...

What a cool project!!!! Love the shimmery paint on the dried paste!!