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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Creative Inspirations Art Journal page

Every now and then I like to play in an Art Journal. It has several benefits for me... I don't stress over things looking "Perfect" because I don't plan on ever showing it like I do scrapbook pages and cards, in fact I make those specifically to share! It's also a place I can play with new thing or techniques and learn how I like to use my products, and I am often rewarded with "Happy Accidents".

I had started this page a week ago and felt it was lacking something... so I decided to add some CI Paints and Wow did it ever take it to the next level! Over the sky portion of the journal I used a wet brush to apply Fairy Dust, Canary, Blue Ice, Sea Foam and Rose Quarts paints. The added moisture allowed the color to be transparent and let the underneath colors show but still be shimmery, I love how it looks!

On the girl I applied Sage (eyes), Rose Quartz (lips) and Fairy Dust (hair stripe) with a small, dry brush for maximum color and sparkle. I did the same over the black stamped flowers... I can't tell you how cool the colors look over black, in some light the flowers still look dark, and in other light they are so vibrant with Canary, Evergreen, Sage and Blue Ice colors! You should definately give this a try and have fun playing!

Thanks for stopping by!


BarbaraW said...

Carla, this journal page is so cool. I am still a bit chicken to start mine. The paints really added pizzazz.

~ Kendra ~ said...

Beautiful journal! Love all the shimmer!! Adds a fun touch!

Irit Shalom said...

Wow- I wish I could do it!!

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous journal!

Holly said...

What a beautiful journal! I love the colors in your sky - gorgeous blending there!