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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shiny snowlakes with paint and microbeads

Hello, dear Creative friends! Irit is here again with my first  January tutorial and this time I am going to show you how to use your " lost and not found" microbeads  and micro glass beads over Creative Inspirations Paints with no glue for this nice and shiny effect.

Product list: for the finished project
Ice blue
Tando Creative chipboard shapes
Micro beads- gold and silver
Glass beads
Ribbons, blings
White gesso
And now to work:
I made a few samples with tag shaped bare chipboards to show you the options on bead coverage.
Sample  1: Cover the bare chipboard with white gesso and let it dry.

You can skip this step if you have white shapes. Add  a lot of Creative Inspiration paint

 Now  sprinkle  your  colored microbeads over the wet paint.  Don't wait too much as we want  to adhere the beads withour using any glue.Let it dry.
Sample 1- Gold micro beads

Sample 2: Cover another piece with CIP and add glass microbeads (those are a real smallest possible glass chips) over the wet paint. Let it dry.

Sample 3: Cover the gessoed shape with a lot!! of paint and add some seed beads. I used 3-4 colors for this sample and we need the thick paint layer as those beads are bigger.

And now for my finished project- I used 2 kinds of microbeads and glass beads.

The upper snowflake on this project  was made with clear glass micro beads.

The middle one was made with gold micro beads.

The lower one was made with silver ones.

Don't use too much beads, as we want to see this gorgeous paint color over the shapes.
The  lower basic shapes under the snowflakes  on this project were covered with gesso and the same paint without  beads as they were brown bare chipboards (snowflakes were white).
Now adhere the snowflakes as shown, add some blings and connect the ornament with ribbons.
I know, the tree is gone for now, but there is always the next year for this gorgeous ornament!
See you next week for my next January tutorial


Liberty said...

Verry beautiful, I live in France.

Kianel said...

Very clever Irit! Love your project!
Love from France, Kianel.

Creative Inspirations said...

Great project Irit!

Unknown said...

Great addition with the beads!

Holly said...

What a great idea!! I haven't used my microbeads in ages - this is a wonderful reason to pull them out and play with them again.