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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wall art

Hello , My dear creative friends! Irit is here and this time we are going to make some Wall art, or actually just some wall patterns, using those simple and cheap office stickers together with our gorgeous Creative Inspirations Paints.
I made a few different samples of  possible walls- all ATC size and one finished ATC just show your how you can use your walls after they are done.
Product list:
Creative Inspirations paints: Chocolate, Beige, Garnet, Sunshine
Office stickers: permanent and non- permanent  ones
And now to work:
1. Painted permanent stickers wall
Add some small permanent stickers over your cardstock building a wall pattern.

Cover the whole pattern with   a lot of paint. As our stickers are the regular paper, they catch the paint faster and better (the ATC is part glossy), but still all the cardstock is paint covered.

2. Wall made with non permanent  stickers.
I used those big printable stickers, torn and added as a wall pattern. After the whole piece was painted, I just peeled those stickers for this wall look.

3.Misted wall
This time I made a bit of a homemade mist with our sunshine paint and misted the permanent stickers to  make my Yellow brick road. The black spots were made with some  black ink drops

And my final ATC project- I made the red edges with Garnet paint and stamped with Black ink over the wall

That's it for this month! See you in February with my next tutorials.


Creative Inspirations said...

That is pretty neat!!!!

Holly said...

Brick walls and yellow brick roads - such great ideas with these paints!

Kianel said...

Super technique Irit! TFS, love Kianel.

Unknown said...

Great ideas, Irit!

Carla said...

I would never think to do that with those little labels! Such a clever idea!