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Saturday, August 20, 2011

blended beauty...

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to another Saturday tutorial! Today I want to share a simple technique that gives fabulous results on a variety of surfaces. This is blending made easy!

What you need:
2 Creative Inspirations Paint colors *
Flat paint brush
Non-porus work surface

*I know it looks like I'm going camo with the brown and green, but it photographs well. =)  I often use a dark and light paint of the same color for this technique... like Denium and Tanzanite.

 Step 1: To avoid contaminating your jars of paint, put a glob of both colors of CI paint on your non-porus surface. (this can be a non-stick craft sheet, acrylic block, piece of glass... you get the idea)

 Step 2: Dip one corner of your flat brush in the first color and the other corner in your second color.

 Step 3: Do a few brush strokes back and forth on the non-porus surface to blend the colors in the middle. Pick up more paint if they aren't meeting in the middle. 

 Step 4: Paint!

Reload your brush as needed by repeating steps 1-3.

So, where are some places to use this technique?
I'll get you started with just a few...

Make sure your ribbon is wet when you paint it.. it helps the colors blend more smoothly.
*Burnt Sienna, Evergreen*

For a more natural look on the flowers, I usually don't brush straight across like I did on the ribbon. Instead, I work in small zigzags. I also used a larger brush
*Winter Frost, Tanzanite*

 Clay embellishments!
Again, zigzags give a more natural feel.
*Coal, Silver Frost*

On this layout, I painted the shells using Carmel and Mocha Latte. They fade beautifully from dark to light, just like the shells we found on the beach (except sparklier!).

And these are just a few ideas to get you started! 


*For more info on the completed lo, visit my blog.


Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Great tutorial Kassi. I do something similar on most of my pieces by using just one colour. Blending out with these paints have a terrific result, as you know.

Creative Inspirations said...

Another wonderful tutorial Kassie!!!!! Great job.

Kianel said...

Wow, totally love this idea! Where do all those great ideas come from really?!
Love from France, Kianel.