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Saturday, August 27, 2011

got dark?

 Hey everyone!

So are you all ready for yet another fabulous way to incorporate Creative Inspirations Paint into your world of crafting?

This past week I have been working on a Halloween themed mini album.  I have some black chipboard that I have been using for the pages.  I realized that I have rarely used CI paints on a dark background, and I don't see it done very often. So I thought I would take a little time to play with that train of thought on my mini album.

Now, you CAN use the CI paints on dark backgrounds, and when the design hits the light it is FAB! However, if the light isn't shining on it, you may notice that some of the colors tend to disappear.  For my mini album's cover, I wanted to see the image no matter the lighting.  

Here is what I ended up doing...

What you need:

Creative Inspirations Paint 
Light colored pigment ink
Makeup sponge
Dark background 

Step 1: Ink up your stamp with your light pigment ink. Here I am using white, but other colors work too. 

*using pigment ink is important... it will stay wet longer to allow you time to work, and it is more opaque so it shows up on dark backgrounds.*

 Step 2: Using a makeup wedge, sponge on CI paint over the ink. (it doesn't need to be real thick, but the more paint you use, the more the shimmer shows.

Step 3: Stamp as you normally would. 

I know it is hard to really see in the photo, but I promise in real life you can still see the shimmer when the light hits it!  The color is much more subtle, but the color shows through too. (I used Antique Gold, so you can't see the color well, but when I did it with purple, it was more visible)

Here's the cover for my Halloween mini album... I'm having so much fun with it!



Creative Inspirations said...

Great idea Kassi!

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

I wouldn't have thought to paint on black. Love it!