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Friday, August 12, 2011

coffee clean up

Good Morning everyone!

Since no one in my house drinks coffee, you wouldn't think I would have many of these floating around....

Actually, I do. 

The reason?  They are a very inexpensive way to keep your work area clean. There is nothing worse than spending hours on a project then putting it down in a wet puddle of paint. Trust me. 

So here is my quick tip...

For all small embellishments, flowers, ribbons, etc. use coffee filters!  Just place your small item in and paint away. A little temporary adhesive on can help hold your item in place while you paint. When you are done, simply throw away the filter. 

This helps keep messes confined and makes clean up a breeze!

Happy painting!


Creative Inspirations said...

Great idea!!!!

Sarah said...

We just had a sale on coffee filters so I have about 10 boxes! I'm all set, LOL. Thanks for the tip. Hugs, Sarah

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

What a great idea. I understand why you would have the filters. They were so popular with making books.

BarbaraW said...

Great tip. They are also great for catching embossing powder. It doesn't stick and it's easy to pour the powder back into the jar.

~ Kendra ~ said...

What a great idea!