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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Sympathy Card

Good morning everyone. Carole here. I hope you have all survived the earthquakes and hurricane unscathed. I have a card to share today that was made for a close friend whose husband passed away on Thursday after a hard-fought battle with cancer.

When I was choosing colours for my card, I realized that I didn't have the colour I wanted for my flowers, so I mixed Blush and Pumpkin to get a colour that more closely matched my patterned paper. Peach might have done quite nicely, but I don't have it, and anyway, it's fun to mix colours and see what you come up with. It makes your Creative Inspirations Paints that much more versatile.
I also used a hint of Sunshine for the pistol & stamens, as well as Mint for the leaves and stems. There is just enough shimmer to add elegance without overwhelming a sympathy card.


Nancy Jensen said...

What a beautiful card. I'm sorry that you need a sympathy card... in other words, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Lovely, lovely work. I think mixing two colours is such a great idea. I'll do that too.

Kassi said...

That is such a beautiful card. I love the mixed color, it turned out great!

BarbaraW said...

Beautiful card. Sympathy cards are so hard to make.