The color you see is the color you get!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello friends. Beth Norman here with today's post. As I type this I'm enjoying the cooler temperatures that we see here South Western Ontario, Canada. I'm preposting as I'm heading down to visit my mom in Georgia who says to expect 90 degree weather. Not sure if I'm up to more hot weather, but I'll take whatever I can get--I guess.

My card uses the Faded Texture background from the Technique Junkie Newsletter.

The colours of CI paints I used are:
Sky Blue Plum
Rose Quartz


FibreJunky said...

90 degrees??? I hope your mom has air conditioning. Your card is so pretty. I'm not familiar with that technique. One of these days I really need to subscribe to the Technique Junkie Newsletter.

Kassi said...

beautiful! I love the subtle color and sparkle!

BarbaraW said...

Beautiful card. The background is so lovely.

Creative Inspirations said...

What a beautiful card!