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Friday, August 26, 2011

clean up act...

Hey everyone!

I'm here again with another quick tip...

If you are a stamper, or if you read the tutorials I do each week, you are probably familiar with clear acrylic blocks... If your's are anything like mine... they get dirty quick!
I've got pigment ink, stazon, and dried Creative Inspirations paint on this baby... Although it does look lovely all CI sparkly, it bugs me to have dirty blocks!

Now I realize I am kinda OCD when it comes to keeping things clean, but in this case there is a good reason. When your blocks get this dirty, not only is it hard to see where you are stamping, it can actually keep your stamps from sticking to the block. 

So... my simple solution?

Instant anti-bactireal hand gel. It cuts through the ink and the dried paint. It is fabulous! Never worry about paint drying on your blocks again. =)



Beth Norman-Roberts said...

What a fabulous tip. I definitely will try this out.

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Hey, it works.

~ Kendra ~ said...

Great tip! Thanks Kassi!

BarbaraW said...

Thanks for the great tip.