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Friday, August 5, 2011

spouncer it...

Hey everyone!
I'm here with another fabulous tip... or rather a fabulous tool!  The best part.... these are CHEAP! LOL!

I'm always looking for new ways to use the Creative Inspirations paints, and that also includes tools! One of my new faves is this Spouncer by Plaid.

These are little round sponge pouncers on a stick. (ok, so they look more like gumdrops on a stick, but maybe that's just cuz I'm hungry...)  They come in various sizes, which is nice. I picked up a variety pack of 8 at a big name craft store for under $5. They are usually found with the paints and wall stencils. AND, they are reusable! (ok, so they are meant to be disposable, by why waste a good thing?)

So, why do I like them?  Well, they are a great way to get a soft speckled texture as well as a denser coverage, and everything in between!  They make getting a distressed edge with the fabulous CI sparkle a breeze!

When you are done, simply wash out with plain water, squeeze extra water out, and let dry. EASY!

*HINT: it really doesn't take much paint to load these up... Just put a little CI paint on the inside of your lid and pounce into it. The less paint you have on your sponge, the softer the effect. Too much paint will end up in strong circles.... which would work too if that's what you want!*
I'll be sharing another fun way to use these Spouncers tomorrow, so be sure to pick some up, and join me tomorrow for some spouncin' fun!



BarbaraW said...

Cool tool tip.

~ Kendra ~ said...

Thanks for sharing this fun tool, looks like it's fun to use!