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Saturday, October 26, 2013

homemade made easy...

Hello my wonderful friends!


pssst!  check the craft room! 

What's it doing there? 

How about the EASIEST way to make homemade paper!

Lay a sheet of toilet paper inside an embossing folder and lightly spritz with water

Lay another sheet of toilet paper on top of the first and spritz that one with water.

Continue stacking and spritzing until you have 6-8 layers, and finish up with a final spritz ... (you just need to spritz- you want the paper damp, not dripping.)

Close your embossing folder up, and run it through your embossing machine like usual...

Carefully open the folder up and peel out the paper. Allow to air dry, or dry it with a heat tool.

Once it's dry....

Use your highlighting pad to ink the embossed areas with Distress Ink

(What? You don't know what a highlighting pad is???? Check out my tutorial HERE!)

Spritz water on it to let the Distress Ink wick out a bit

Now, use your highlighter again to hit the embossed with some Creative Inspirations Paint for the perfect shimmer!

And there you have a fabulous custom shimmery paper that has that unique feel of hand made paper... it does some fun things with inks and sprays and such! Play around with it! 



Mummylade said...

so clever!

Gail said...

cool! I will have to try this out!

DIANA L. said...

Kassi this is super. I am definately goin to try tis

Tina said...

Love this idea! TFS!

Nicole Picadura said...

This is so cool!

Unknown said...

Very creative and thrifty idea!

Unknown said...

Very cool and creative project!
I would have never thought to use this such a fun idea!!

Debbie Sherman said...

So creative!!! I'll never look at TP the same way again!

Julie Odil said...

How did I miss this until today? Such fun! Love this technique!