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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CI Paints and Marbles

Who thought CI Paints and marbles couldn't go together?!?!

Well I was sitting around my craft area last night thinking what I could do for today to be creative and I saw my lonely little marbles sitting on my craft shelf wanting some attention.

A year or so ago I had see a tutorial on using marbles to make a pattern on your paper you use.
So I thought it would be fun to try the technique with the CI Paints!

I used an empty SU Stamp set container as it works really well. I first took some clear small pop-dots and put them on the back side of the paper to keep the paper in place in the container.
I then dipped a paint brush in the CI Color of choice, in the case I picked Green Olive, and brushed it on the bottom of the container.
I then shock the containter so the marbles would roll around to create an interesting background!
I picture of the shimmery markings from the marbles!
I then decided to repeat the process and use Evergreen as well.
I like doing this technique with CI Paints, rather then just with ink as it adds some pretty shimmer to the paper!!
Here's the actual piece of paper I used for this project.
For the image I used a toothpick to add shimmer to smaller areas in which I wouldn't have been able to use a paint brush.
My card, such a great card for a guy's birthday!

Just look at the shimmer!! I LOVE it!
Thanks for stopping by today, have a great day!!


Kassi said...

great job! I actually played around with that a little a while ago, but I didn't really have a good container to do it in, so mine didn't turn out near as good as yours. =)

Ashley Newell said...

Oh my goodness!! I did the same technique today! Look at all us girls syncing! ;)

Clare said...

wow, I've never seen that before, looks cool, must try it!! : )

Creative Inspirations said...

That is pretty cool. Had to chuckle over the beer monster! Too Cute!

goatesgirl said...

This is a great idea Kendra. I have done marble painting with my kids but never thought to use it for my crafting...