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Saturday, June 11, 2011

overnight artist...

Hello everyone, and welcome to my art studio!

Have you ever seen a masterpiece painting and wished you could paint like that?  Have you always thought that to become that master painter you would need to spend hours and years practicing? 

Well, you're right. 

However, I'm here to share a shortcut that will allow you to become an artist literally overnight!

Have I got your attention?

Let's get started!

What you need:
A Photograph
Basic Photo Editing Program
Laser Printer
Watercolor Paper (or other thick surface)
Paint Brush (large)
Old Rag

Step 1: Select your photo (isn't this little guy CUTE!)

Step 2: In a photo editing program change your photo into black and white with high contrast.  If your program allows you to change it into a line drawing, you can do that.  For this photo I also edited out the background.

 Step 3: print your photo on normal copy paper using a LASER printer. This will not work with an inkjet printer. If you don't have a laser printer, print your photo and take it to a copy center and make a photocopy.

 Step 4: Using a large paint brush, spread a layer of gesso over your watercolor paper (or other thick surface).  Don't be skimpy. make sure ALL of it is covered. If you miss a spot, you will be able to tell later!

 Step 5: Place your laser print over the gesso with the print side touching the gesso.

Step 6: Smooth the paper over the gesso. Make sure the entire image is firmly pressed against the gesso.

Step 7: Let sit overnight.  (yes, this is important for a quality transfer)

Step 8: Carefully tear off any overhanging paper that rips off easily.

 Step 9: spritz the copy paper with water and let it soak in for  30 seconds or so

 Step 10: Using your finger, gently rub the wet paper off.

*repeat steps 9-10 as needed. Work in small areas at a time so the paper doesn't dry before you rub it off.

 I know it is hard to see in this photo, but if you examine your picture closely, you will see a slight difference between where you have cleared off all the paper  and where some stubborn pieces are still clinging.

Step 11: To clear off the remaining stubborn pieces, spray on more water and rub with an old rag. (I use cut off pieces from worn out bath towels)

Ok, I'm going to stop here for today. Make sure to stop by next week to learn ways to paint your "drawing".



Sarah said...

Kassi, thanks so much for this awesome tutorial! I've been wanting to try something like this so I will be following along. Hugs, Sarah

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

This is really cool, Kassi. Your little man is so cute. How do you keep coming up with such amazing tutorials?

Kirei na Kami said...

This is awesome!!!! I'm with do you come up with all these fab tutorials? Wish my brain worked like that!!


Holly said...

Whoa! I can't wait to see what you do next!

Kianel said...

Absolutely stunning technique! Just can't wait to see what you will achieve with the CI paints!
Love from France, Kianel.