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Saturday, July 28, 2012

bling on the paste...

Hello all my wonderfully artsy friends!

If you have been around here long, you may have noticed that I LOVE texture and dimension in my projects. I was actually working on a project yesterday that I really felt was missing something... When I looked at it today, I realized it was completely flat. No texture, no dimension. No wonder I felt it was missing something! LOL!

A wonderful medium for adding texture and dimension to a project without becoming bulky is modeling paste (also known as texture paste). This fabulous paste is found in the fine art supply section of stores.  It is white, making it ideal to paint, or tinting it before you apply. Now, what is even better than adding texture, dimension, and color all in one to your project? How about throwing in a little bling at the same time!

What you need:
Modeling paste
Small jar with lid
Creative Inspirations Paint
Stirring stick (toothpick works!)
Stencil *optional*
Palette knife *optional*

 Step 1: put desired amount of modeling paste into a container with a lid.... yet another time to reuse empty CI paint jars! yay!

 Step 2: mix in desired color(s) of Creative Inspirations Paint. The more paint you add, the more intense the color.

 Step 3: if you are using a stencil, place it on your project where you want it.

 Step 4: apply your colored paste to your project. I like using a palette knife, but for different texture, try  using a paint brush, paper towel, or your fingers... 

 Step 5: allow to dry. If you let it dry naturally, it will stay how it is... if you want more texture, dry it with a heat gun. The heat will make it bubble... I love watching it. =)

 The thing that amazes me is that even though the paste is opaque, you still see the fabulous shimmer of the CI paint we mixed in! How awesome is that!

this is a fun way to add some color and sparkle to your texture. I love it!



ScrappyRae10 said...


jessica said...

How awesome is this!!! What a GREAT idea! TFS

Carole said...

Hi Colleen, what a wonderful project. I've never used paste and it looks very intriguing. Thanks so much for sharing and for your lovely comments on my blog. Hugs ... Carole

LittleSunday said...

This card is so unique! And the ivy as a border fits perfectly with that wall!

Unknown said...

Kassi, this is wow material, love what you have done to create the bricks and coloured the modelling paste. Looks amazing.

Nazeema Calypso Thompson said...

I love this, it's a fabulous idea!!


Colleen Dietrich said...

Wow x 10, Kassi!!! This is awesome! You totally rock the CIP.