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Monday, July 30, 2012

Glittery Ornaments

Wow, 3 Monday's in July this month, so that means another post from me, Kendra!

I decided today to focus on Creative Inspirations Resplendence Glitters!!

I have been hooked on creating my own Christmas ornaments!  As I love decorating for the Holidays!

They are so easy and fun to make!  

1. Gather Your Supplies:
Pledge With Future Shine (Blue Cap)
Creative Inspirations Resplendence Glitters
Clear Ornaments (Got mine from Hobby Lobby)
Paper Towels
Vinyl and Cricut(optional)

2. Remove top and add Pledge to the inside.
3. Use finger to hold paper toweling on the opening.
4. Shake! 
5. After shaking for a few seconds, pour excess back into the bottle.

6. Carefully pour glitter in the inside.
7. Cover again with paper towel and shake!
Just look at the beautiful shimmery glitter!! LOVE!
For this one I used Resplendence Regal Red!

Aren't they beautiful!!!??!!!
Creative Inspirations also carries Resplendence Glitters in Burgundy and Angel Dust!
So get started on those Holiday ornaments!

A fun option, which I didn't do with the two above, is to personalize them with a name!

Using your Cricut or other Die Cutting machine you can cut a vinyl name and adhere it to the ornament!

Here's a picture of me adding the name "Alaina" to another one I created. 
These make wonderful gifts!

As I mentioned before they are also fun to create with the kids!

We made a set two years ago and each Christmas each of us hang ours on the tree!

As shown above, they are also perfect without a name!

Have a glittery day!


jessica said...

Such a great gift idea!! LOVE all the sparkle!!

Colleen Dietrich said...

These are totally amazing, Kendra! I just might have to do these sometime.

Kianel said...

Sooo creative Kendra!
Wow, love it!
Love, Kianel.